How Many Days To Get Work Permit In Canada

In order to live and work in Canada, you need to get a Work Permit. A temporary resident working permit is an official document authorizing a foreigner to work in Canada. You can apply for a Canadian Work Permit if you are selected by an employer through the Express Entry system (formerly known as IMMigrating scheme) or if you are a foreign student graduating from a Canadian post secondary institution and getting a job offer from the same employer that offered you an internship for which you received a graduation certificate. Whether you are getting an international student work permit or an International Co-op Work Permit – it might be difficult to know when the work permit is approved, at what point the processing times begins and how long it usually takes for the VISA officer to process your application…

How Many Days To Get Work Permit In Canada

The biggest difference between these two approaches is the cost. Failing to tell your employer in writing means they may pay you at a “substantially lower” wage if they get audited by the government while also getting hit with a hefty fine. After six months, many employees qualify for a “Permanent Residency Under the Skilled Worker Class” which grants them permanent residency rather than temporary. To put it plainly, this means that you get to stay in Canada permanently without having to leave for two years after the expiration of your work permit:After spending the last 5 years in Canada on a work permit I’ve learned quite a lot in regards to what will and will not get approved. I found that most of my co-worker’s only choice was to return back to their home country after they overstayed their original permit.

Canada is accepting and processing Work Permit applications, however, there may be some delays due to COVID-19.

Canada is one of the most popular places to immigrate to so it is no surprise that they receive thousands of work permit applications every year! Working in Canada can be a very attractive option for foreign workers for several factors including high pay, great benefits, and lots of job opportunities. The processing time for Canadian work permits can vary from case to case depending on several factors. The most important factor that determines how long the Work Permit application will be processed is the country you’re a citizen of and whether you’re applying inside or outside of Canada.

Average Canadian Work Permit Processing Time

On average, Canadian work permits are typically processed between 1-9 months. The processing time starts the day that the IRCC receives your complete application and ends when they make a decision.

Processing times will vary based on:

  • the type of application submitted
  • if the application is complete
  • how quickly we expect to process applications we’ve already received
  • how easily we can verify your information
  • how long you take to respond to any requests or concerns
  • other factors

Factors That Affect the Canada Work Permit Processing Time 2022

Most Canada work permit processing times will vary based on several factors.

1. Location of Application

The IRCC can vary the processing times for work visas depending on the applicant’s country of residence and where you are applying from (inside or outside of Canada). You can use an IRCC tool that will help you find out your work permit processing time.

2. Completeness of Application

It is always important to make sure that your application is absolutely complete with every document and response to what the IRCC is asking for. This is why hiring an immigration lawyer for a Canadian work permit application is typically very beneficial to avoid delays and denial.

3. Number of Applications

Your work visa application may be processed much faster or much slower than expected all depending on how many applications Canada has received. If they have received fewer lately then your application may be processed faster than the average 1-9 month processing time.

Inside vs Outside Canada Work Permit Processing Time

There are two types of work permits: Inside and Outside. To qualify for the inside work permits, you must be applying within Canada as a temporary resident (visitor or student). The outside work permit applies to those applying for a work permit outside of Canada.

Applying from inside Canada will average 59 days for your application to be approved. Outside of Canada depends on which country you are applying from.

Examples applying outside of Canada for a work permit:

France – 6 weeks

Morocco – 29 weeks

South Africa – 17 weeks

Venezuela – 12 weeks

Top Questions About Work Permit Processing Times

How Long Will It Take to Process My Work Permit Application

This truly depends on the type of application you submit. The location of the applicant is the main factor on processing times for work permits.

Is Canada Still Processing Work Permit Applications?

Yes! Canada is still accepting work permit applications. We recommend booking a consultation with a licensed immigration consultant to determine which route is best for you.

How Can I Get a Work Permit Fast in Canada?

Speak with an immigration consultant who can find the fastest and most efficient way for you to get a work permit. They can ensure there are no mistakes on your application.

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