How Many Days Will Take To Get Family Visa In Uae

My friend if you have been looking for things related to UAE family visa, then the answer is here. I am writing this post about “how many days will take to get family visa in uae” because there are a number of people who are planning to come with their family members and they want to know that how many days it will take by applying for UAE Visa at Dubai Embassy.Amid all your travel and work-related woes, comes a new difficulty – getting back the family. The wife and children shared your dream, were a part of every step taken by you to achieve this goal now you are standing at the gate of achieving your dream but the question is how many days will take to get family visa in UAE ?

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How Many Days Will Take To Get Family Visa In Uae

UAE Family Visa Requirements

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UAE Family Visa Requirements are fairly simple, but the process can be troublesome if the appropriate channels and requirements are not followed. The UAE has provided expats with a range of visas while keeping every individual’s requirements in mind, be it a business owner, a freelancer, or a dependent of an employed expat.

There are different requirements for each visa type. Here is a list of requirements for a family visa or a dependent visa.

A major percentage of expatriates (or working population in the UAE) lives away from their family and most of them come to the country while leaving their wife and children behind.

Expatriates (employers & employees) holding a valid UAE residence visa are eligible to sponsor their families as well as immediate family members (e.g. wife and children), this is a relatively inexpensive affair.

Male residents, or husbands who are employed in the UAE and are receiving a minimum salary of AED 4,000/month and living in a one-bedroom accommodation (or larger) can sponsor their immediate family members.

Family members are issued 2-3 year visas depending on the jurisdiction (Dubai Mainland or Free zone) where the sponsor is employed as well as their visa status.

As per the UAE regulations, expatriate employees are each issued 2-3 year residence visas, while the expatriate employers or investors are each issued 3-year residence visas. A sponsored resident gets the privilege of enjoying the same visa duration as their sponsor. The visa, however, must be renewed prior to the expiry of the sponsor’s visa to avoid overstay penalties.

Documents Required to Obtain a Family Visa or a Dependent’s Visa

An expatriate resident can provide a residence visa for his wife & children by fulfilling the following sponsorship requirements (UAE Family Visa Requirements) set out by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA):

1Passport copies of the wife and children (valid for six months)
24 Passport size photos of the wife and children with a white background
3Original Emirates ID of Sponsor
4Insurance copy of the Sponsor
5Original Marriage Certificate attested and translated in Arabic – (attested in a UAE Embassy, the home country, and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
6Original Birth Certificate of the child attested and translated in Arabic – (attested in a UAE Embassy, the home country, and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
7Passport and Residence visa color copy of the sponsor (high resolution)
8Original Salary Certificate from the employer stating the employee’s monthly salary (if from a free zone company, then you will need the letter from the relevant Free Zone Authority in Arabic)
9Original Labor Contract of the sponsor
10Ejari of the sponsor’s house (1BHK)
11Latest Water & Electricity Bill under the name of the sponsor
12Trade License color copy (High Resolution) – in case of an Employer or Investor
13Memorandum & Articles of Association copy of the company (High Resolution) – in the case of an Employer or Investor
14Original 6-month Company or Personal Bank Statement of the company – In case of an Employer or Investor

The Time Frame Required to Obtain a Family Visa or a Dependent’s Visa

On average, it takes between 10 to 15 working days if you have met the UAE Family Visa Requirements listed above. In some cases, it may take more time to receive the approvals from the Immigration Department of the respective emirate.

Important Things to Know About Family Visa

  • If the dependant is outside of the UAE, we will need to first apply for an entry permit or an E-visa, once they enter the country, the visa stamping must be completed within 60 days.
  • The marriage certificate should be first attested by the embassy in the home country, then it needs to be cross-attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The marriage certificate also needs to be translated into Arabic.
  • Medicals will be treated as “Urgent Medical (VIP)” unless specified by the client. The normal medical cost is AED 500.
  • If the dependant’s age is below 18, the medical is not required.
  • If the sponsor is holding an investor visa, a bank guarantee of AED 3,050 has to be deposited to the Immigration Department under the current regulations.
  • If the resident dependant is overstaying, they will be subject to a fine of approximately AED 120 for the first day, and thereafter, AED 25 for each day under the current regulations.
  • If the dependant is in the country on a visit visa and is overstaying, they will be subject to a fine of approximately AED 200 for the first day, and thereafter, AED 100 for each day under the current regulations.
  • The dependants should not be out of the UAE for more than 6-months, else, the visa will be invalid for use in the future should the dependant enter the country again.

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Q1: Why do I need a family visa?

A: A family visa is required if you are entering the UAE with family members. This visa allows you to sponsor your parents, spouse, and children under the age of 18. If you are employed in the UAE you will most likely be able to provide visas for your dependants (refer to Q3).

Q2: How can I get a family visa in the UAE?

A: As mentioned above, we will collect your:

  • Passport copy with a valid visa page (colored)
  • Dependants’/family members’ passport copies (colored)
  • Dependants’ photographs (with white backgrounds)
  • Original & attested marriage certificate
  • Original & attested birth certificates

Q3: What is the minimum salary for a family visa in the UAE?

Male UAE residents, who are employed, can sponsor family members such as their wife and children (AKA immediate family members) if their salary is at least AED 3,000-4,000 + they have accommodation in the UAE.

Q4: What are the new rules for family visas in Dubai?

A: The mandate allows foreign residents of any gender to sponsor family members, such as the spouse, children aged under 18, as well as unmarried daughters to stay in the UAE, as long as the family income (wife’s or husband’s) is at least AED 3,000-4,000 and accommodation is available.

Q5: What are the documents required for family visas in Abu Dhabi?

A: The documents required are the same as mentioned above: family members’ colored passport copies, passport-sized photographs of all sponsored family members with white backgrounds, the sponsor’s original passport, and the sponsor’s original Emirates ID.

Q6: Can we hold family visas in the UAE?

A: If approved by the relevant authorities, family visas can be held without cancelation, while the sponsor changes his/her visa to another employer. If you are outside of the UAE, you cannot hold a family visa (e.g. if the members are on a vacation)

Q7: How can I sponsor my family in the UAE?

A: As mentioned above, you require official employment in the UAE. If you meet the requirements, you can sponsor your family. Wives can sponsor their husbands, however, they will be subject to additional requirements by the relevant authorities.

Q8: Can I sponsor my sister in the UAE?

A: Your sister is classed as a first degree relative, first-degree relatives are your parents, siblings, and children. In certain cases, second-degree relatives are applicable for visit visas to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, as well as other emirates.

Q9: Can we change our visit visas to family visas in the UAE?

A: Status changes are applicable to investor, partner, employment, family, and residence visas. Tourist visa holders are required to exit the UAE and re-enter with a new visa.

Q10: How can I renew my family visa in the UAE?

A: You will need to follow this quick and easy process:

  1. Contact Dubai Business Advisors
  2. Submit the details required for visa renewal
  3. Submit all your documents to our office or courier
  4. Pay the necessary fees
  5. Enjoy your renewed family visa after the processing period!

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