How Many Month Visit Visa In Kuwait

If you are looking to spend a couple of months in Kuwait and will be working, look no further. In this guide we will walk you through the visa requirements for Kuwait to get you approved and avoiding costly mistakes that can delay your entry into the country.Are you an expat living in Kuwait who is interested in getting a month visit visa? But you are worried about how long will your residency permit. In this article I’ll tell you how many months Kuwait tourist visa would be granted to you.

How Many Month Visit Visa In Kuwait

The emirate of Kuwait is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the GCC, which lies on the border between Iran and Iraq. The country’s capital is a major business, fashion and trade hub known as the “Gateway to Arabia”. The word Kuwait actually means “fortress built near water”. If you are not already living in Kuwait then this will be your first concern when you travel to there, and getting a visa will be important for all new travelers. Kuwait is also known as an independent country having a democratic form of government. It is one of the most developed countries in the world and ranked at the top. Yes, this is correct that Kuwait is being one of the best places for foreigners to reside in because it has plenty of amenities for them providing safety and security. This country has peaceful religions and cultures to offer foreign nationals which makes their minds free from any tension and free from any kind of burden. Besides, there are so many other rules which have been enabled here to assist people very well in the entire nation.

Kuwait Tourist Visa Validity (eVisa)

Until 2016, citizens of 55 countries including the USCanadaAustraliaJapan, and all EU member states had to get a Kuwait Tourist Visa at a Kuwaiti consulate or embassy to visit the country. After this date, however, nationals of the same eligible counties have been able to get an online eVisa for Kuwait, simply by completing an online form with personal information and a valid travel document. The only requisite is that the validity of the passport must be longer than six months when completing the eVisa for Kuwait application.

The Kuwait electronic visa is a single entry visa that allows the visitor to spend a maximum of 90 days (3 months) in Kuwait. The Tourist Visa validity begins from the entry date, and the visa holder must leave the country before it expires or face paying a fine. If you stay beyond the 90-day validity without obtaining a Kuwait eVisa extension, you will have to pay a fine of KD10 (around $US30) per day. Overstayers are also not allowed to leave the country until the total fine is paid.

The Kuwait visa on arrival is also available to passport holders of the same 55 nationalities and can be obtained by waiting in line at the Kuwaiti border. A fee of 3KD ($10) is charged for the service, and the Kuwait visa on arrival validity is the same as that of the electronic visa.

Visitors on either the Kuwait electronic visa or the visa on arrival for Kuwait are not allowed to work, and if they acquire employment in the country they must attain sponsorship and a different travel document, the Kuwait Residence visa.

Non-national residents of the GCC eVisa

Passport holders from Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries are the only citizens exempt from a visa for Kuwait. The member states are Saudi ArabiaBahrainQatarUnited Arab Emirates, and Oman. However, foreign nationals resident in GCC countries can also apply for a Kuwait eVisaalthough some restrictions apply. First and foremost, the validity of residency in the GCC must exceed six months when applying for the Kuwait electronic visa.
There are also additional restrictions relating to the validity of the profession of the applicant. Applicants from the GCC should have one of the following jobs or status:

  • Consultant
  • Doctor
  • Engineer
  • Lawyer, Judge or Public Prosecution
  • University Graduate
  • University Professor
  • System Analyst or Computer Programmer
  • Press and Media Staff
  • Pilot
  • Businessman
  • Diplomatic Corps
  • Owner, Manager or Representative of Commercial Company or Establishment

Other restrictions that may affect the validity of the application include:

  • Different information provided in the application to that on the original documents
  • Whether or not there are any security restrictions on the applicant
  • A record of having overstayed a Kuwaiti visa in the past. If needed, travelers are advised to extend the Kuwait eVisa well in advance of expiry, to avoid future problems with entering Kuwait.

Other types of Kuwait visa validity

There are a number of other visa types for Kuwait whose validity depends on the nationality of the applicant, as well as the purpose for their stay in Kuwait. These include the Kuwait visit visa, the Kuwait residence visa, and the Kuwait transit visa.

Kuwait Visit Visa validity

The Kuwait visit visa is also valid for 90 day stays and is available for many countries not eligible for the eVisa. Applicants for the visit visa must be sponsored by either a family member currently resident in Kuwait, or by a Kuwaiti company. Before traveling to Kuwait, the visit visa for Kuwait can be obtained from a Kuwait embassy, where the applicant must also have their passport stamped.

As with the Kuwait eVisa, visit visa holders must pay a 10KD fine for overstaying and will not be allowed to leave Kuwait until the total fees have been paid.

Kuwait Multiple Entry Visit Visa

It is also possible for certain nationalities to obtain a multiple entry visa to visit Kuwait. This type of visa allows the holder to enter Kuwait multiple times during a period of one year, as many times as the traveler wishes. However, United States passport holders are the only Western citizens eligible for the multiple entry visa, and applicants must first get sponsorship from the Kuwait ministry of defense to qualify.

Kuwait Residence Visa Validity

Foreign citizens other than from GCC countries who wish to live in Kuwait must obtain a Kuwait residence visa. The type of residence visa needed depends on the status of the applicant, with the three main types of Kuwait residence visa being the dependent (family) visa, work visa and domestic visa. The residence visa is valid for 10 years but requires a sponsor like the Kuwait visit visa. It’s also possible for a foreign applicant who has lived in Kuwait for a substantial period to sponsor their own visa if they can demonstrate the financial means to support themselves.

Residence Work Visas for Kuwait

If a foreign national accepts a job offer in Kuwait, they are eligible for a residence visa on the basis of work. The applicant’s Kuwaiti employer must act as a sponsor and apply to the Ministry of Social Affairs & Labour on behalf of the employee. Applicants are required to supply their passport, as well as obtain a no-objection certificate (NOC) from the General Administration of Criminal Investigation at the Ministry of Interior.

If a foreign national is already staying in Kuwait on a visit visa when a job is offered, they must leave Kuwait and return on their new visa. Many foreign nationals whose visas expire choose to do this by traveling to nearby Bahrain on a cheap flight and returning on the same day.

As a number of other different types of Kuwait residence visa are available, including a domestic servant visa and a newborn child visa, it’s best to check requirements for your individual needs before applying.

Kuwait Transit Visa validity

If you’re just passing through Kuwait for a short period on your way to somewhere else, then you may be eligible for a Kuwait transit visa. To get the visa, applicants must present travel documents and a valid ticket for their next destination to the Kuwait port authority. However, airline or shipping workers do not need to provide this proof, and applicants who are international truck drivers may also obtain multiple entry visas for the purpose of work.

The validity of the Kuwait transit visa lasts for a total of 7 days, and upon expiration, it will have to be renewed if the the holder wishes to stay longer. Of course, if you think you may stay in Kuwait for more than 7 days in transit, it makes more sense to apply for a Kuwait online visa in order to have more flexibility.

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