How Many Uk Sole Representative Visa In Dubai

Visa is one of the most common name in the global travel industry. If you somehow love to travel around then surely you may have heard about visa. It is the right place for UK sole representative visas Dubai, UAE.There are lots of different types of United Kingdom visa available for anyone who wishes to visit the UK. Depending on the purpose of your trip, you might have to get a different visa. Some United Kingdom visa, including the single entry and multiple entry visas, allow people to travel within the country for a limited time period. There are also transit visas that allow visitors to stay in the UK if their main destination is another country.

How Many Uk Sole Representative Visa In Dubai

Visa In Dubai: Getting a visa for the UAE is not as hard as it seems. Countries of all nationalities have to apply via their embassy and then are allowed to apply for the UAE visa while they are here. However, there are some countries that do not need to apply at their embassies first and can directly apply for their Emirati visa later. One such example is the United Kingdom where all eligible British citizens can directly get an Emirates Visa upon arrival in Dubai, by presenting Emirates ID, passport and visa fees at the airport.


You can apply as a representative of an overseas business if you’re an employee of an overseas newspaper, news agency or broadcasting organisation posted on a long-term assignment to the UK.

If you’re a representative of an overseas business planning to set up its first UK branch, apply for a UK Expansion Worker visa (Global Business Mobility) instead.

You must also meet the other eligibility requirements.

If you’re already in the UK as a sole representative, you can still apply to extend your stay.

How long it will take

If you apply from outside the UK, the earliest you can apply is 3 months before you travel.


You can apply from 16 March if you plan to travel on 15 June.

You should get a decision on your visa within 3 weeks when you apply from outside the UK.

It’s currently taking longer to get a decision on Representative of an Overseas Business visas when you apply from outside the UK. Find out visa decision waiting times.

Find out about paying for a faster decision.

If you apply from inside the UK

You will get a decision within 8 weeks.

UKVI will contact you if your application will take longer, for example:

  • if your supporting documents need to be verified
  • if you need to attend an interview
  • because of your personal circumstances (for example, if you have a criminal conviction)

Once you’ve applied you can stay in the UK until you’ve been given a decision, as long as you applied before your last visa expires.


If you apply from outside the UK, a Representative of an Overseas Business visa costs £625.

If you apply from inside the UK, the visa costs £719. You’ll also need to have your biometric information (fingerprints and a photo) taken – there’s no fee for this.

Healthcare surcharge

You must pay the healthcare surcharge as part of your application. Check how much you need to pay before you apply.

How long you can stay

The visa lets you stay in the UK for an initial period of 3 years.

You may be able to extend your visa for another 2 years.

After you’ve been in the UK for 5 years, you can apply for permission to settle permanently in the UK.

What you can and cannot do

You can:


The UK allows foreign enterprises to establish a commercial presence in the UK by sending a senior representative (Sole representative). Foreign corporations are given permits to enable them establish a branch or subsidiary of their parent company in the United Kingdom.


A sole representative is a foreign national who is:

  • An (employee) of a company based outside of the UK who is looking to open a branch or subsidiary in the UK.
  • A company executive who is not the owner but has the expertise and power to make business decisions on the company’s behalf.
  • Individual who will replace the existing sole representative
  • An employee of a newspaper, news agency, or broadcasting organization based in a country other than the United Kingdom.

You as a sole representative must:

  • Be hired and employed outside the UK by a business or organization that has its headquarters or principal place of business outside the UK
  • Possess the skills, experience and knowledge required for the role
  • Have full authority to make decisions on behalf of the company (but do not own or control the majority of it) and have a top position in the company
  • Aim to open a registered branch or a completely owned subsidiary in the UK as the overseas company’s initial commercial presence

You may also be qualified if your company has a legal entity in the United Kingdom that does not employ anyone or conduct any activity.

You can replace a prior sole representative if your firm has been seeking to establish a UK branch or subsidiary but it has not yet been established.


The UK permit allows you to remain in the UK for a maximum of 3 years. You can then apply for a 2-year extension. You may apply for settlement after 5 years in the UK.


If you hold a UK permit for sole representatives, you are allowed to bring your family members with you. If your dependents are from outside the UK, they will need separate permits.

Your husband, wife, or partner, as well as your child under the age of 18, can be considered dependents.

You may not bring your dependents with you if they own the majority of the company you will be representing.


If sole representatives are successful in the first 3 months of their stay, they can request for a 2-year permit extension.

Applicants may be eligible to seek for permanent residency after 5 years.

Applicants may be entitled to seek for British nationality after 6 years.

Sole representatives can qualify for 10 years of residency by combining time spent in the UK with other permit categories.

Businesses looking to expand can send a single senior employee to the United Kingdom to study and test the market without having to spend a lot of money.

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