How Many Years Is Work Visa In Canada

Most common question that people ask how many years I can stay in Canada with a work visa. It is not possible to answer this question without knowing the kind of work visa and details of the applicant and their qualifications. Even if it is possible to answer this question, one should take into account that there are other factors that may affect the answer.The only way to find out what type of work visa you are eligible for is to apply. Once you have been approved, the length of your visa depends on how long your job is supposed to last. If you are admitted to work in Canada under NAFTA, your work visa will be in effect for up to three years or the expected length of your service contract.

How Many Years Is Work Visa In Canada

You’re about to spend precious time, effort and money on a move to Canada. And once you are here, you won’t want to start from scratch in a new country. You will want to build your life quickly: find a family doctor, open a bank account, buy groceries at familiar stores, work out at the gym you joined before leaving home, etc…

The company you will work for must have a LMIA

After you find the job, the company that has agreed to hire you must apply for a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from the Government of Canada. A LMIA is a document which the government issues and serves as an authorization for the company to hire foreign temporary workers.

The company you want to work for must apply for it and demonstrate that by giving you this job, they are not taking jobs away from Canadian citizens of permanent residents. They must prove that there are no willing, available, or qualified people within Canada for that job position, and therefore they must hire foreign workers. After they get the LMIA, you must have the document and then apply for work permit in Canada.

Submit the application for Canada Work Visa and Permit

After the Canadian Government issues the LMIA to the company that has hired you, then it is time to apply for the Temporary Work Visa. You can do this online through the Government of Canada website or in person at any Canadian Consulate Office.

You must submit the application forms and the supporting documents which will be evaluated from the Consular officers. The officers might also ask you to have a medical examination as well as an interview to determine your eligibility and whether you would return from Canada after your work permit expires.

To apply for a Canadian work visa, you must submit the following application forms and supporting documents:

  • Application forms which include:
    • IMM 1295 – Application for Work Permit Made Outside of Canada.
    • Schedule 1 – Application for Temporary Resident Visa.
    • Family Information Form IMM 5645.
    • Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union IMM 5409 (if applicable).
    • IMM 5476 – Use of Representative Form (if applicable).
    • IMM 5475 – Authority to Release Personal Information to a Designated Individual (if applicable).
  • Your passport which must be valid for more than 6 months after your planned date of entry into Canada.
  • A photocopy of your passport and all its pages.
  • Two photos as per the Photo Requirements.
  • Proof of current immigration status (if your country of residence is different from your country of citizenship).
  • Copy of your marriage certificate (if applicable).
  • Copy of children’s birth certificates (if applicable).
  • Police record certificates. You must prove you have no criminal record in the past and that you have been a law-abiding citizen
  • Proof of having enough funds in your bank account to finance yours and your family’s stay in Canada as well as enough to return to your home country.
  • Your resume or CV.
  • Your education diplomas and certificates.
  • Valid job offer from your employer.
  • The LMIA document.
  • If you will be working in Quebec, you need a Certificate d’acceptation du Quebec (CAQ).
  • Complete the medical examination. The officials of the Canadian Consulate may ask you to go through a medical exam to prove that you are in good health and able to work. You must follow their instructions and require a licensed doctor to sign your documents.

Complete the Canada Work visa interview.

The officials might also ask for an interview to determine that you have submitted the right document and that you are being truthful. Most often, they will try to determine whether you will return back to your home country after your work permit expires. You must show up at the scheduled time for your interview and answer the questions honestly.

Wait for processing

When you submit the Canadian work visa application, the consular officers will have to process it and make a decision. Depending on the country you are from, the work permit processing time is between 3 to 27 weeks. After this, the officers will issue a decision on whether you can work in Canada or not.

Travel to Canada

If the Government of Canada decided that you can work in the country, then you can start making travel and accommodation arrangements. When you get to the Port of Entry (PoE) in Canada you must show them all your documents and your approved work permit.

The PoE officers have the authority to decide whether they want to let you into the country and for how long. Even if the Consular Office issues a visa for 6 months, the PoE officers can issue it for only 3 months and you will only have that time to work in Canada. After that, you will have to apply for an extension or return to your home country.

How Long is the Canada Work Visa Valid?

The temporary Canada work visa is valid for 6 months or less. After that, you have the option of applying for an extension to the Consulate or return to your home country. The amount of time that you are allowed to stay in Canada with all extensions is no more than 4 years. The length of the extensions though depends on the Canadian Consulate decisions.

What are the Fees for the Canada Work Visa?

When you apply for the work permit and visa, you will have to pay the application fees. The fee for the work permit is CAD$155. Every time you submit an application for an extension, you will have to pay this fee again. If you are applying for an Open Work Permit, the fee is CAD$100.

Can I Bring my Dependents With me With a Canada Work Visa?

The Canadian Government allows the person who has the work permit to add his close family to the application. The people who are allowed to accompany you to Canada are your spouse or common-law partner and minor children. When you apply, you must add their documents to the application too so as to be considered a family application.

Can I Apply for Permanent Residence with a Canada Work Visa?

You cannot apply for permanent residence with a Canada temporary work visa; however, while you are in Canada, you can apply for Permanent Visas such as:

You must meet the eligibility criteria for these visas. It is not guaranteed that you will be approved for them, but the application procedures will be easier if you are already working in Canada.

Canada Work Visa Extension

Since the Work Visa is not permanent (six months or less) once it is about to expire, you can either apply to extend it or return to your home country after expiry. If you want to extend your work visa, you have to apply for a visa extension at least 30 days before expiry.

You can only apply for a work visa extension if:

  • You sign a new work contract with your employer AND
  • Your employer gets a new Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA); OR
  • Your employer pays for the employer compliance fee and submits a new employment offer

You can apply for the work permit extension in one of two ways: online and on paper.

To apply online you will need to create an account on IRCC’s website. There, you can find document checklists, application forms, and guidelines on how to apply. To apply on paper, you need to download the application package, fill out all the application forms, print and sign them, get all the necessary documents, pay the fees, and mail them to the address given on the application package.

The necessary documents and forms for a work permit extension


  • Application to Change Conditions, Extend my stay or Remain in Canada as a Worker (IMM 5710)
  • Use of a Representative (IMM 5476)
  • Authority to Release Personal Information to a Designated Individual (IMM 5475)
  • If applicable: Statutory Declaration of Common-law Union (IMM 5409)


You will need the same documents as for a Visitor Record (see above). However, you will also need additional documents such as:

  • If you have one: Copy of the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and a copy of your job offer letter from your prospective employer.
  • If your employer has not obtained a LMIA, include a copy of the Offer of Employment number your employer gives you.
  • For a live-in caregiver: Photocopy of signed employment contract.
  • If working in Quebec: A Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ) issued by the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion (MIDI)
  • If participating in the International Experience Canada (IEC) program: Proof of health insurance for the duration of your stay.
  • For students: Academic standing – photocopies of transcripts from your last two study periods or letter from the institutional registrar.
  • For provincial nominees:
    • Proof of nomination.
    • Offer of employment from someone in your province.
    • Statement from your province identifying your job and employer along with the details of your job (payment, working conditions, the nature of the job). The statement must also reveal that your employer needs you on the job and that the job offer will provide economic benefits.

Documents required for work permit extension for spouses/common law partners

Spouse/common-law partners of open permit workers

  • Employment contract/job offer of the primary foreign worker’s current employer which confirms his/her employment.
  • Copy of the primary foreign worker’s last three payslips
  • Copy of the primary foreign worker’s work permit

Spouse/common-law partners of full-time students

  • A valid enrollment letter of the student as a Canadian educational institution.
  • Copy of the student’s study permit.

Documents required for work permit extension for refugee claimants

  • Proof you are unable to support yourself without social welfare.
  • Proof you referred your refugee claim to the Immigration and Refugee board (IRB)

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