How Much Application For Employment Visa In Ghana

Application for Employment Visa In Ghana: Before applying for an employment visa in Ghana, you need to have a job offer from a company. Your prospective employer is required to do the following:Application for Employment Visa in Ghana is a procedure that allows an employee of a company operating in another country to come to Ghana and commute to the employer’s country.

It is expensive to visit Ghana to apply for Work Visas in Ghana. The Ghana embassy in Nigeria charges applicants a non-refundable service fee before application. Most of the applicants pay between 200 and 250 dollars for their visa processing. It is not hard to go to Ghana if you have the needed documents for visa application. There are people who travel to Ghana on tourist visa and use it to apply for work visas in Ghana. Ghana A new opportunity for young persons to travel back and forth between the United States and Ghana. British Airways is now offering a new, low-cost carrier for young persons between the ages of 18 and 30. ¬†Their Youth Travel Club gives you all kinds of options as to what destinations you can fly to and from, along with terrific bargain fares. And…you even get to go to Ghana!

How Much Application For Employment Visa In Ghana

Requirements for work permit

To apply for a work permit, the following documentation needs to be provided;

  1. Application letter on company’s letterhead
  2. Business Registration Documents – certificate of incorporation, certificate of commencement of business, company regulations, form 3&4
  3. Tax Clearance Certificate (for existing companies)
  4. Letter of employment / Contract
  5. Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) Certificate (If registered)
  6. Letter of support from Ministry, Department or Agency (if required)
  7. Bio data page of passport of applicant
  8. Curriculum Vitae / Resume
  9. Police Clearance Certificate from employee’s country of origin or current residence
  10. Educational and Professional Certificates
  11. Passport & residence permit copy of employer
  12. Medical Report – To be done at the Ghana Immigration Service, Accra
  13. Non-Citizen ID card – To be done at the NIA Office in Accra

The work permit is the first stage in the work authorization process and therefore does not entitle a prospective employee to engage in work activities in Ghana. To commence work activities, the applicant is required to apply and obtain a residence permit with their company.

Completing Work Permit Application Forms

Work permit application forms are obtainable free of charge at the GIS office. The form requires three classes of information; Company, Employee and Employment contract details. Relevant and accurate information must be provided in all sections to enable the GIS to effectively assess and the application on its own merits and take appropriate decision.

The application forms should be signed by an authorized representative of the employer. The person who signs the application must attach relevant documents as proof that he is an officer of the company (passport, a copy of residence permit etc).

Residence Permit Application Process in Ghana

A Residence Permit is usually obtained after the grant of a work permit. A formal application must be made on behalf of the employee to the Ghana Immigration Service.

The following must accompany the application;

  1. Attach two(2) recent passport pictures
  2. Copy of Non-Citizen ID Card
  3. Original Passport of employee
  4. Approved work permit/Automatic Quota
  5. Current Company Tax Clearance Certificate (for existing companies)
  6. Letter of support from Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC), Ghana Free Zones Board or Minerals Commission (where applicable)
  7. Police Clearance Report from home country
  8. Medical Report from Ghana Immigration Service Clinic
  9. Non-Citizen ID Card
  10. Business Registration Documents
  11. Offer letter/Appointment letter/ Contract of employments
  12. Company’s audited accounts of previous year.

The law provides that a person who has been granted a work permit may one month before the expiration of that permit, apply to the Immigration Quota Committee in the prescribed manner for the renewal of the permit and the application for renewal shall be treated as a fresh application.

Dependents residence permit

A foreign employee who holds a Residence Permit may apply for a Dependent Residence

Permit for his dependents. Dependents include spouse, children under 18 years of age and parent (s) above the age of 60 years.

To apply for a dependent residence permit the following documents are required;

  1. Application letter on Company’s letterhead requesting for residence permit
  2. Two passport size photographs of applicant
  3. Birth certificate (if child)
  4. Marriage Certificate (If spouse)
  5. Copy of Non-Citizens ID Card
  6. Passport

What is the cost of  work and residence permit?

The cost for obtaining a work and residence permit is given below;

Non-ECOWAS Nationality 

  1. One year work and residence permit fee – $1,000
  2. Medical Screening from Ghana Immigration – $200
  3. Non-Citizen ID Card from National Identification Authority (NIA) – $120

ECOWAS Nationality

ECOWAS Citizens do not require a visa to enter Ghana, however, to live and work in Ghana, they require to have a work and residence permit. The cost for obtaining a work and residence permit as an ECOWAS Citizen is given below;

  1. One year work and residence permit fee – $500
  2. Medical Screening from Ghana Immigration – Ghs 900
  3. Non-Citizen ID Card from National Identification Authority (NIA) – $120

NOTE; Citizens from ECOWAS member states are classified as ECOWAS nationals whilst Non-ECOWAS nationals are citizens from states that are not members of ECOWAS. Below are list of ECOWAS states;

  • Benin
  • Burkina Faso
  • Cape Verde
  • Cote d’ivoire
  • Gambia
  • Guinea
  • Guinea Bissau
  • Liberia
  • Mali
  • Niger
  • Nigeria
  • Senegal
  • Sierra Leone
  • Togo    

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