How Much Exit Visa In Saudi Arabia

Every year thousands of people are asking the question “How much Exit Visa in Saudi Arabia?”   There is no simple answer to this question.  It depends on many factors, including your nationality, your job, and how long you have been working for your employer.  By now you must be thinking that there must be a place where all this information can be found.  And there is… this article.No one can deny the fact that the immigration department of Saudi Arabia has been quite active when it comes to issuing visa exit stamps to its residents. Due to many reasons, getting a visa stamp in your passport while leaving the country is becoming a common practice. But have you ever wanted to know that how much exit visa in Saudi Arabia costs?

How Much Exit Visa In Saudi Arabia

One of the requirements for expats in Saudi Arabia is to have an exit visa. Exiting the Kingdom requires a valid exit visa, obtained from a Saudi General Authority. The travelers must travel with these exit visas.Doing a lot of things can make you tired, bored and tired. Even though you want to rest, resting may not be the best choice you can do. There are so many places to visit in Riyadh … You might also want to roam around Jeddah..or traveling to other cities outside Riyadh.. During the tenure of your education in Saudi Arabia , you will get an opportunity to travel abroad with your friends as well as to roam around within the Muslim country.

An exit visa is a government-issued travel document used by some countries.

While only certain destinations require visitors to have an exit visa, it is helpful to know what this document is. You may be required to have one for your trip abroad.

This page explains what an exit visa is, and how different countries use this immigration policy.

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Exit Visa Definition

An exit visa is a specific travel policy that some countries require exiting passengers to follow.

The official document works similarly to a standard entry visa, in that it gives the holder permission to pass through immigration. However, an exit visa allows you to leave the country, rather than enter.

Purpose of an Exit Visa

The purpose of an exit visa depends on the issuing authority. It can be used to:

  • Control the number of individuals leaving
  • Prevent political rebels or criminals from leaving
  • Monitor people who have debt
  • Ensure work visa holders complete their sponsored employment
  • Prevent emigration of skilled workers

Examples of Countries that Require an Exit Visa

Some countries require travelers in specific circumstances to have an exit visa to leave.

The policies depend on the country you are visiting, so it is advisable to check your destination’s official travel information before you plan your trip.

Russia’s tourist visa policy

Some countries use the travel document to control the number of people who overstay their visas.

Russia requires any visitor who has stayed longer than their allocated time to have an exit visa to leave. The document must include an explanation as to why they overstayed their trip.

Saudi Arabia’s work visa

Other authorities use an exit visa to monitor visitors with a work visa.

Saudi Arabia only permits work visa holders to stay for the duration of their contract. In order to leave, they must apply for an exit visa when their work agreement has ended. If the employee does not apply for the visa in time, they will be overstaying in Saudi Arabia.

The exit visa is also used by some countries to ensure that foreign workers complete their job contracts, particularly if they have been sponsored by a company.

India’s lost passport policy

India also has an exit visa for overseas visitors who have lost their passport (or had it stolen) while traveling in the country.

Even with a replacement travel document, you must also get an exit visa in order to leave India without your official passport.

Cairo: Saudi authorities have said that an expatriate must hold a passport valid for at least 90 days to obtain an exit/re-entry visa.

The Saudi General Directorate of Passports said that if the exit/re-entry visa is defined in months, i.e. two, three or four months, then it will be valid for three months for travel starting from the date of issuance while the visa duration is determined from the travel date, according to Okaz newspaper.

The directorate has set the issuance fees of the individual exit/re-entry visa at SR200 per travel for a maximum of two months, with an extra SR100 levied for each additional month within the limit of validity of the iqama or residency permit.

Meanwhile, fees for issuance of a multiple exit/re-entry visa are SR500 allowing several travels for a maximum of three months, with an extra SR200 for each individual month within validity of the iqama, the report quoted the directorate as saying.

Expatriates travelling from Saudi Arabia must hold a valid visa and a passport as well as complying with entry conditions in the destination countries.

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