How To Apply L1 Visa For Usa

Applying for L1 visa allows US firms to transfer employees from a foreign office to the parent company on temporary basis. This can also be applied by transferees who have worked in a country for five years and then looking for a job in USA but are not eligible for H1 visas. This is a great way of getting a US work visa from outside USA.

The L1 visa is a non-immigrant visa classification used by a US employer to bring an executive or manager from one of its foreign offices back to the United States. The L-1 visa allows, under certain circumstances, foreign nationals who currently work for a subsidiary, parent, affiliate or branch office of the US company in a managerial ( executive ) or executive capacity to transfer to their home country and then be transferred back temporarily to the United States.

The L1 Visa is a US temporary work visa that allows you to transfer from a company in your foreign country into its US branch, subsidiary, affiliate, or parent company. You will have to take an executive or managerial position which requires specialized knowledge to get the L1 visa. It is also known as the Intra Company Transferee visa.

The L1 visa is not specifically made for one type of company or specific countries. All companies, from huge corporations, medium sized companies, and small start-ups are eligible to transfer their employees to the US as long as they have a company related to them there.

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