How To Apply Maid Visa In Abu Dhabi

Just like the title suggests, we are going to learn How To Apply Maid Visa In Abu Dhabi . We cover the following topics:

This article provides information on how to apply for Maid Visa In Abu Dhabi.

Finding the right kind of help is an important decision for many families in the UAE. Hiring a maid or nanny in Dubai can be a difficult and lengthy process if you don’t have the right kind of resources. Here is a helpful guide on how to sponsor a nanny/maid in Dubai that can straighten out some of the details of the process. This article will outline the different methods of sponsoring a maid in Dubai, the documents required and the criteria the sponsor needs to fulfil to get a maid visa in the UAE. 


Sponsoring a housemaid or a nanny in Dubai follow the same procedures. If you’re looking at sponsoring a maid in Dubai, here is a simple guide to help you easily navigate through the process. 


The first step to figuring out how to sponsor a maid in Dubai is, of course, familiarising yourself with all the rules and regulations involved in the process. It is a big responsibility and the process will require a decent investment of funds. As the person hiring aka the sponsor, you will also be responsible for his/her remuneration and other benefits. This is why it is important to be aware of the laws to bring a maid to Dubai and the contract terms you need to fulfil. Here’s are the rules that dictate how to bring a nanny to Dubai. 

Rules for housemaid visa in UAE

Whether you are looking for a full-time nanny to look after the kids or just a housemaid to help around the house, these jobs are categorised as domestic help and are governed by the UAE Domestic Labour Law, set by the UAE Government.

In order to sponsor a maid in Dubai, the sponsor must have a salary not less than AED 6,000 per month or a monthly salary of AED 5,000 with accommodation. A Dubai housemaid visa can be only be issued by the head of the family, usually the male. Bachelors are not eligible to sponsor a maid in Dubai.  

Other rules for issuing housemaid visa in Dubai state that maids hired must be over the age of 18 and can only be sponsored from India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Bangladesh and Indonesia. However, it’s important to note that each of these countries has its own regulations regarding minimum salary and age. Here is a breakdown of the country-specific minimum wages for maids in Dubai. Sponsors can pay more than the minimum wage if they desire to do so. 

  • India – AED  1,100
  • Sri Lanka – AED 825
  • The Philippines – AED 1,400 (and must be older than 30, but not over 60)
  • Bangladesh – AED 750
  • Indonesia –  AED 800

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