How To Apply Open Work Permit For Canada From India

How To Apply Open Work Permit For Canada From India The procedure to apply open work permit from India is explained here. It is also called open visa or working visa.

Who doesn’t want to live and work in Canada? —- Well, let’s move on from the rhetorical question. The question is: How can you apply for an Open Work Permit for Canada and which are the documents needed for that? What if I tell you that you do not have to be a permanent resident of Canada to apply for this kind of permit?

Open Work Permit is a Canadian immigration program under which individuals are allowed to do a job in Canada. It is mainly provided by the employers and they hire the candidates with the help of this work permit. If you have successfully submitted your application for Permanent Residence, then only you can apply for an Open Work Permit. This is an ideal program for those who have applied for PR and are waiting for their application to get approved or rejected. It allows them to work in Canada in the meantime until their application gets approved or rejected.

Canada is one of the most popular choices amongst Indians. Canada is considered as perfect place by Indians and they want to move there. Although they have to face a number of challenges when moving from India to Canad

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