How To Apply Open Work Permit For Spouse Inside Canada

Times have been hard lately. My name is Joe, and I am a Canadian citizen. Amidst the worsening job market situation in our country, I end up having to live miles and miles away from my wife. A lot of my friends told me that it would not be possible to bring her with me if I were to move out of the country. But my inside sources revealed that I could get an open work permit for spouse within Canada, as long as I got to work quick.

Here is some good news for you, as a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and a spouse who are living together in Canada, even if your spouse does not work or study in Canada. Your spouse may apply for an open work permit and then can find a job in Canada temporarily without having to wait for the approval of the offer of employment.

Canada issued 2 types of visas for spouses and common-law partners: open work permits and closed work permits. Open work permits allow for unrestricted employment in Canada, while closed work permits restrict employment in specific fields or occupations. An open work permit is the first choice of most immigrants who are bringing a spouse to Canada.

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