How To Apply Own Visa In Dubai

Do you envy all those people who are travelling to Dubai or other countries without a need to visit any Embassy? You must have heard about this opportunity from your friends or relatives. And thanks to the miracle of the Internet, we have a chance to share experience with others and help as many of us as possible. There is no sense in waiting for such opportunity, so don’t waste time and read our tips on how to apply for own visa to Dubai.

Dubai is the wealthiest and most visited city in the world. Visa to Dubai is still considered one of the most desirable from all over the world, as a part of country United Arab Emirates.

Visas for Dubai are issued at the Dubai Global Services – Trade & Labour Department by each country’s respective diplomatic mission in Dubai. Applying for a Visa may take between 1-3 working days from the date of application. Please Note: all clients are obliged to submit over the counter at least two (2) original passports with complete set of visa pages, original passport photos and proof of employment. All documents must be legalised or authenticated by Embassies or Consulate General in the country of origin.

Dubai is a place of dreams, a city that never sleeps, a gateway to different civilizations, cultures and people. This spectacular mini-city is becoming the heart of the Middle East due to its superior infrastructure, investment opportunities and financial freedom. There are other reasons for this, as it’s an open-minded area with no restraints on traveling from any country or profession. It boasts of having a mild winter climate and is also endowed with an international airport that covers most of the world’s major cities with direct flights.

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