How To Apply Parents Visa For Canada

Applying for parents visa while applying for permanent resident is a daunting task. In case of being rejected, the applicant has to pay certain fee. It is foolishness not to do an extensive research about this complicated matter before submitting for IRCC immigrant visa. Therefore, before proceeding further, it is better to know the information about all the documents and the requirements needed for parents abroad visa.

Applying for a parent’s visa is a tedious, lengthy process. First, you need to understand that there are two types of parent’s visas available for Canadian immigration:

The Canadian Parent Visa Program, also called the “Parents and Grandparents Program,” is a Canadian immigration program that allows foreign nationals to bring their parents or grandparents to live in Canada with them. The parent and grandparent program was created because of a need for increased immigrant numbers across Canada. There are 1,000,000 persons over the age of 65 living in Canada who have no children living with them who could help care for them in their retirement years. According to Statistics Canada, by the year 2035 this number will grow to 2 million. These elders will either have to rely on government assistance or find a way to live with relatives in order to receive care. The hope with this visa program is that the relatives invited for permanent residency will fill this void.

The Parent and Grandparent Super Visa (Parent Visa) allows parents and grandparents to visit their family in Canada, while ensuring they return home. In order to qualify, applicants must demonstrate they have enough money to support themselves and their dependents while they are in Canada. This program was introduced to replace the original Parent Visa program due to its exploitation by some Canadian immigration applicants.

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