How To Apply Permanent Visa For Family In Saudi Arabia

Do you have family members who are eligible for family visa in Saudi Arabia? If you do, then don’t miss out on the opportunity to secure a Permanent Family Visa for them. All it requires is that they satisfy certain criteria. Here is an overview of the process involved in applying permanent visa for family in Saudi Arabia.

One of the most exciting things for an individual who has lived and worked in Saudi Arabia for a few years is to get Permanent Visa for family. That’s because this means your family can also come to Saudi Arabia and settle with you permanently. All members of the family are eligible to apply for Kafaat if you are already getting a permanent visa or you have already got it. You don’t need to give any special reason or prove that they need to live with you. Your closest relatives like parents, brothers and sisters, husband/wife children, and even grandparents may come along with you by going through this process.

There are various types of family visas available in Saudi Arabia and the process to obtain these visas is quite simple. The visa considers the marriage relationship between the applicant and the sponsor as compared to another type of family visa that requires a blood relation between the applicant and his relative in Saudi Arabia.

You have decided to move in Saudi Arabia and have gathered all the paperwork to get your family here. All the documents are in order, you are set for a visit (4N/5D Visa) or to settle down (Residence Permit). The application process is easy but needs a lot of efforts in putting all the required documents together and presenting them.

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