How To Apply Post Graduate Work Permit In Canada

In the year 2013, Canada launched a special program that allows international students who have graduated from their Canadian colleges and universities to apply for Work Permit of Post-Graduate Work (PGW). This PGW permit is a temporary employment opportunity that is available to graduates from particular university programs. A part of Canada’s Global Mobility Program, the Canada Post-Graduate Work Permit is issued for only three years, but can be extended to a maximum of 5 years. 

A post-graduate work permit enables you to study at a Canadian university for one year or two at a time. This guide on how to apply for Post Graduate Work Permit Step-by-Step will walk you through the application process in an organised manner.

If you happen to be a graduate from abroad, Canada needs your services. The country that bestowed with the tag of “most caring and friendly” welcomes highly skilled candidates who will contribute largely to its progress. Post-graduation Work Permits are granted to foreign graduates who have completed academic studies in Canada.

You graduated from an overseas university, and want to work in Canada for a period of time. So you follow the system, apply for a post-graduate work permit, and all goes well. But then something happens – your work permit gets rejected. What now? The chances are that you applied or confirmed your application with a non-qualified immigration consultant. They are the ones who messed it up for you.

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