How To Apply Post Study Work Visa In Australia

There is a huge number of international students who join the Australian universities on overseas higher educations and are known to avail post study work visas. These visas allow them to secure an employment while they stay in Oz.

The Post Study Work visa program is designed to allow international students to gain work experience in Australia after they complete their studies. If you want to spend a year working in Australia as opposed to returning home immediately, the Post-Study Work Visa program is for you. There are specific requirements you have to meet before applying for this visa, but if you’ve done your research and are determined to stay in Australia after graduating then it’s well worth the effort.

The Post-Study Work visa is an amazing ability for international students who want to stay on in Australia and study. It was introduced into the Migration Act in 2006. Qualifying candidates can stay on in Australia for up to 4 years or 8 months, whichever comes first.

New Post Study Work Visa allows international students who complete a bachelor degree or higher qualification at an Australian university, to stay in Australia and gain valuable work experience for up to four years. The new Post-Study Work visa replaces the old working holiday visa.

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