How To Apply Post Study Work Visa In Uk

If you are a student who has completed your course and you want to stay in this country as visa allows, then you must apply UK Post Study Work Visa. It gives period between one year and two years to students who completes their study in UK. This kind of visa is to help the ambitious and passionate students who wants to continue working after study.

After completing your course and staying in the UK for your studies, you have come up with a career plan. Now, the next question is how can you apply for the Post Study Work Visa? As you have completed an eligible course from an acknowledged university and in the UK, you are eligible to apply for this visa. You may choose either Tier 2 or Tier 5 as your category for applying for this visa. Before applying for this visa, you need to know about the details of this visa so that you can plan according to their selection criteria. Let us know go through it now:

People who have completed their study in UK and want to stay there for some time after the completion of their studies they take advantage of the post study work visa which allows students to stay in UK for up to two years after the completion of their study.

If you are in the UK to study, and wish to continue your stay on work visa, there are certain conditions and regulations you should be aware of. If you want to stay in the UK after your studies and want to work, you will need a post study work visa. You need to understand what sort of work options are available under this visa category and everything else you should do to qualify for the same.

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