How To Apply Residence Visa For Newborn In Uae

Since the 18th century, parents have dreamed of raising their children in a new country. However, this depends on the nationality of the parent and the country’s regulations. Here is how to apply for a residence visa for your newborn baby in UAE.

A residence visa is an official authorization issued by the Ministry of Interior to a foreign national, enabling him / her to live in UAE. Once you get residence visa for newborn in UAE, you can apply for your Emirates ID and access many privileges offered by this country. Given below are details about how to apply for residence visa for newborn babies and toddlers. We will base our discussion today on – How To Apply Residence Visa For Newborn In Uae. But, other resources which you can find on our website include some frequently asked questions such as: residence visa for baby born outside uae and new born baby visa cost

How To Apply Residence Visa For Newborn In Uae

Residency Visa For New Born Baby In Dubai

If you have given birth to a son or daughter it is very important to apply for a Residency Visa For New Born Baby in Dubai. The main reason to apply for a residence visa is that the child has 120 days to secure one from birth. A child will not be allowed to leave UAE and fines will be imposed every succeeding day after a grace period of 120 days. To be a qualified sponsor for your child you must have a minimum of 4000 AED salary.

Steps For Applying Residency Visa For New Born Baby In Dubai

The following are the main steps for applying residence visa for a newborn,

  • Step 1: Visit the nearest Amer centre. We will help you fill out the application form. Some typing charges may be applied and these charges will vary from one centre to another.
  • Step 2: Then visit the GDRFA offices to submit the application form and other required documents. You will be charged for the services offered.
  • Step 3: After submitting the application form and other relevant details wait for five working days for them to process the application form. After successful completion of the application, you will receive the Residence Visa For New Born Baby in Dubai at the home address that you have given. The parent is in charge to ensure that the residence visa is stamped by the immigration department. For the easy application of a residence visa for your newborn, visit Amer Centre at Al Qouz Mall with all the required documents. We will help you make the process easier for you. Contact us to know more about our services at Amer Centre.
  • Documents Required
    • Sponsor Passport (Original)
    • Emirates ID of Sponsor (Original)
    • Sponsor Visa Copy
    • Birth certificate (original) in Arabic
    • Baby Clear photo with white background
    • Baby passport
    • Baby Emirates ID Application form
    • Tenancy Contract/Ejari (if living in DUBAI)
    • Electricity Bill
    • Sponsor’s Labor Contract For 2 Years Visa. (If 3 Years Visa Salary Certificate Is Required-FZCO)
    • Mother passport copy
    • Mother VISA copy
    • Sponsor Bank Account IBAN (AE xxxx xxxxxxxxx)
    • Medical Insurance
    • Memorandum
    • Company License Copy

How To Apply Residence Visa For Newborn In Uae

A residence visa is an important document which allows the newborns residing in UAE, to get the long-term residency visa. This allows the parents and their newborn child to live together for a long period of time. Sometimes, there are also special requirements for minors who can also get this visa, but later than the parents.

The UAE residence visa process became a lot simpler in 2016. The parents of newborns can now easily secure an e-visa for their family. This article explains exactly how it works and what you need to do to apply.

After the baby is born, the hospital will provide a stamped and signed birth notification.

Government hospitals will issue birth certificate as a next step.

However, for babies born in private hospitals, parents will need to apply to Ministry of Health and Prevention or the health authority in their emirate of residence for a birth certificate by presenting the birth notification.

For getting a birth certificate for babies born outside the UAE, refer to the travelling abroad page.

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Newborn Baby’s Visa Stamping – Dubai

What are the procedures to stamp newborn baby’s visa in Dubai? 

New rule effective from 20/03/2016

  • Customers need to visit the immigration (GDRFA) only after the approval of their online application. Customer will receive SMS incase of approval or modification. Normal applications will be  collected and delivered by Zajel courier. Urgent fee paid applicants should take their dependents’ passport to Immigration for visa stamping after receiving approval SMS.
  • All charges, including Visa fee, Courier and file opening fees will be processed through typing centre. Refund can be processed only to the sponsor’s Bank Account. IBAN(International Bank Account Number) of the Sponsor (applicant) is required. 
  • Below mentioned documents are required in original for scanning at the typing centre
  • Original passport of the baby 
  • One photograph (white background) 
  • Original Birth Certificate (attested by Ministry of Health and UAE Foreign Affairs) 
  • Parents’ original Passport and Sponsor’s Emirates ID
  • Sponsor’s employment contract or salary certificate (for government / semi-government / free zone), provided that his/her salary shall not be less than Dh4000 or Dh3000+accommodation 
    Tenancy Contract and it has to be registered through Ejari online system of Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA). If you live out of Dubai, Municipality attested Tenancy Contract.  Electricity Bill  IBAN (International Bank Account Number) of the Sponsor
  • Dh330 for 2 years  (Typing charge extra)
  • Dh430 for 3 years  (if the sponsor is government / semi-government / free zone staff)
  • Dh100 extra for urgent delivery of passport  
  • VISA FINE: Newborn baby’s Visa must be stamped within 120 days from the date of birth. If late, Dh25 fine for each day after 120 days.
  • EMIRATES ID FINE: Emirates ID application should be typed and submitted along with visa application within 120 days from the date of birth. If late, Dh20 fine for each day after 120 days. Emirates ID Fees: Dh270 for 2 years, Dh370 for 3 years. 
  • IF THE SPONSOR IS AN INVESTOR/PARTNER  Dh3020 should be deposited at Immigration for visa stamping of newborn baby. This rule is applicable from 01/08/2014. Investor/Partner should deposit Dh3020 for each dependent’s visa. This amount also should be paid at Typing Centre.  Commercial license and partners list (for LLC)  LLC Agreement (for LLC partner) Copy of Service Agent Contract (for Professional License) Copy of the partnership contract attested by Notary Public, if any (for Professional License)

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