How To Apply Residence Visa For Wife In Dubai

If you’re married, then you’ve probably thought about a residence visa for your wife. But did you know that it is not only possible to live in Dubai with a UAE residence visa, but it can also be very simple? For more information on how to apply a residence visa for your wife in Dubai read this article.

Dubai, UAE – A wife may obtain a residence visa for her husband or unmarried son in lieu of an entry visa. The husband or unmarried son must meet the income criteria. The application is valid for any duration of stay. The sponsor must present a salary certificate (no older than three months) covering the latest period, on which “the sponsor’s name (and his other dependents, if applicable)” is clearly stated.

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE) a marriage between two people who were not UAE citizens was not recognised as a marriage and their relationship is considered illegitimate. I mean, there exists certain procedures which they need to go through in order to get the approval of their relationship. In the year 2005, it was found that there was an illegal practice of Kafaala in the country where the marriage contracts were conducted at a higher price for non-citizens who wanted to bring their wives over from other countries. In addition to that if an expatriate wife didn’t have a residence visa for more than 5 years, she would get deported, even if she had kids.

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