How To Apply Residence Visa In Dubai

Dubai is a city full of opportunities and one of the most desired tourist destinations in the world. It is considered as a glittering place that offers numerous jobs and career opportunities to people living in all corners of the world. Getting permanent residence visa in dubai is not an easy task but if you have all the required documents, then you will definitely get success in applying it. Here, we will discuss all the steps that are needed to be followed while applying residency visa Dubai.


Whether you are a tourist visiting Dubai or an expat settling down in Dubai, applying for a residency visa is something you will eventually have to face. During the process of getting a residence visa the applicant has to be aware that there are certain documents that are required by all.

The UAE government made it quite easy for most people requiring to work or study in the UAE. However, the residence visa permit is of different cases. Both these two permit types are equally important for education and employment, with some aspects being more crucial at some points. These two regime can be found in the country on a permanent basis for a designated time period. Some of the residencies can be able to obtain their documents online. This way would help save more time and speed up the process before entering into Dubai or other UAE airports.

All expatriates, who have been issued a 24 months Work Visa, can apply for a provisional residence visa before the expiry date of the 24 months Work Visa. The applicant must also have a proof of family relations with other people living, legally in the UAE.

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