How To Apply Residence Visa In Uae Online

How To Apply Residence Visa In Uae Online—-Hello! My name is David. I am a recruiter in Dubai and working with Homecare nurse’s since last 7 years. If you are planning to relocate to UAE and have an HLA status, then applying for residency visa is necessary. It is must because nursing license requirement of UAE needs it the residents. The procedures are quite simple and requires a few days to complete the process. Below listed is the step by step guide on how to apply residence visa in Dubai online.

The best way to apply for a residence visa in Uae is to do that online.There are several reasons why most people who want to apply for the UAE residence visa prefer this method. It’s easier and more convenient,and you don’t even have to visit the immigration office or any other place. Everything can be done online which makes it convenient and easy. You will find all the information you need at

What is a residence visa in UAE? why you need residence visa for jobs in dubai? and how to apply for residence visa in abu dhabi? and what are the requirements for getting long term residence visa for family or self in uae?

The UAE residence visa is issued by the Bureau of Immigration and Visa in Abu Dhabi. Foreigners are required to apply for a residence visa in order to stay and work in UAE for a long term. They are also issued with social visit visa, visit visas for the purpose of medical treatment etc., Visit visas generally have a validity from 1 to 3 months. […]

Your spouse is a UAE national, you’re all set to wed, and then your prospective mother-in-law comes up with one outrageous demand. She will agree to the marriage only if your son or daughter acquires residence visa in UAE that can be acquired only by being married to her daughter.

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