How To Apply Russia Visa In Malaysia

You may have plans to visit Russia and you would like to know how to apply Russia visa in Malaysia. It is a fact that the Russian Federation requires its foreign visitors to obtain the required clearance and documents before entering its jurisdiction or territory.

Want to go for tourism, business or study tour to Russia and confused that what kind of Russian visa is suitable for you? Is it single entry, double entry or multi-entry? Well this is a common question among the people who are planning to go Russia. Here I am going to explain it in detail as per the guidelines of Embassy of Russia in Malaysia.

Applying and getting visa to a foreign country is a stressful and tiresome activity. To get visa of Russia in Malaysia, you must have your passport. The travel documents should be valid at least for 6 months after arrival to Russia and the expiry date should not be before departure from Russia. You can apply for regular visa and tourist visa. Both types of visas have some benefits, but there are also some key features that distinguish one type of visa from another.

Visa is essential to visit Russia. The citizen of the Russian Federation is not required a visa to enter here if he/she is going there for tourism purposes. However, a visa is required for business travellers, students and other purpose. In this article, I will discuss how to go about applying for a Russian visa in Malaysia.

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