How To Check Visit Visa In Dubai

Do you want to know the most easiest and fastest way to check visit visa in Dubai? In this article, you will be provided with all the necessary information on how you can apply for a visit visa in Dubai, UAE. You will be able to download all the necessary forms that you will require to work on your application and get it approved easily.

Visiting a country is not going to be a visit unless any visa is issued beforehand. There are some special visas and if you are one of them, then you will surely be needing to visit visa in dubai

Visitors from non-visa-requiring countries can enter into Dubai without a visa provided they hold a valid passport and one of the following: – Entry Visa to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) issued by a Schengen country or any of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) states except Iraq. – Entry Visa for GCC States issued by any of the Gulf Cooperation Council states except for Iraq. – An Emirates ID. – A valid residence permit issued by one of the GCC states including UAE (except in the case of existing residents in Dubai)

How To Check Visit Visa In Dubai

Visas are a primary responsibility shared by all countries belonging to the United Nations and it is due to this agreement that stipulates the granting of visas to employees, businessmen and tourists. However, visa applications can be a complicated process, especially with different rules applying to each state.

Do you remember your UAE visa expiry date? Let’s face it, in the midst of a busy schedule it can be hard to keep track of the exact date. To check UAE visa status, you can either carry your passport with you all the time or learn other ways to check UAE visa validity on the go. So the next time you are wondering about how to check visa status in the UAE, check out some of these online channels. 


A visa is an extremely important document for expat residents in the UAE. Not only does it certify your legitimacy as a resident, but it is also required if you need to lease an apartment or find a villa for rent in Dubai, apply for a dependent’s visa and more.

Thankfully, the UAE Government has an official portal to help you access visa-related services. To check your UAE resident visa validity using this method, you need your passport number. 

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