How To Convert Dependent Visa To Work Visa In Saudi Arabia

So why do you still hold a dependent visa? If you are reading this article, it means that you are keen to convert your dependent visa to open work visa in Saudi Arabia. However, the conversion procedure is not an easy one; it has several requirements and conditions that need to be fulfilled in order to get the visa converted. Here we will review all of these conditions and specifications and give you an idea of what you should expect to convert your dependent visa to an open work visa in Saudi Arabia.

Converting your dependent visa to a work visa in Saudi Arabia doesn’t have to be difficult. All you need is the right help from the start. The team here at Visas For Life are committed to supporting Labor and Work Permit holders with their visas so that they can live, work, and raise their families in Saudi Arabia without problems.

I got my dependent visa which is valid for one year and I will be staying here for almost four years now. My employer arranged a sponsorship but adding this to how long I have been here, I believe my visa should be converted to work visa? What are the steps involved in getting work visa in Saudi Arabia as a dependents of expat employee? I am also not sure if I need to cancel my current dependent visa or it gets canceled automatically once the new one issued.

How To Convert Dependent Visa To Work Visa In Saudi Arabia

If you are coming from India and if you’re dependent on your employer to sponsor your visa then you may have already found out about the 85% rule at Saudi Arabia Ministry of Labor. Here we are going to discuss what you can do if your sponsor refuses to follow the rules.

You’ve finally made the decision to relocate to Saudi Arabia, got yourself a job offer from one of the top companies in the Kingdom, and have already applied for your new work visa. You’re also worried that you might not get a Social Security Number (SSN) since you or your sponsor haven’t lived in the US for at least four full calendar quarters.

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