How To Convert Student Visa To Work Permit In Italy

A student visa allows you to study in Italy for a limited time. However, if you would like to stay after your studies, converting your visa to a work permit is an excellent idea.

This guide is for people who hold a Student Visa and are looking to convert into a Work Permit. I have listed below step-by-step instructions which will help you convert your visa to a Work Permit.

The Italian government has introduced a new rule for international students who wish to work in Italy after their graduation. To get it straight, the Italian government used to grant three-year residence permits upon graduation from a degree or postgraduate course only to those students whose home country was not part of the EU/EAA (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland).

How To Convert Student Visa To Work Permit In Italy

Italy has one of the best education systems in Europe and is a popular destination for students looking to study abroad. You can read more about the country and its long-standing history here. Each year, many international students pay hundreds of thousands of dollars on tuition fees and move to the country. However, there are a lot of them who fail to meet the requirements for their visa or fail to do some essential paperwork and get deported. That’s why it is important for them to get guidance from an immigration expert in Italy before they start their studies there. Do you have plans of your own to undergo higher education?…

Before we really go into the process I would like to start with some important information regarding these permit-related activities in Italy. I believe that it’s imperative to know about the background of how these things work.

First and foremost, every country has the responsibility to take care of its citizens by providing good schooling, medical facilities for all and also good employment opportunities. So, every government of the day will follow this meaning the first preference is always to their Citizens.

However, each country also needs skilled resources. So will get resources from outside if it falls short of in their own country. In this world of globalisation, no country want to be left out due to lack of some technologies or resources.

So, it becomes mandatory to make sure that the country does not lack in any technological advancements compared to the rest of the world and allow skilled labours to enter their market.

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