How To Convert Tourist Visa To Work Permit In Portugal

So you got a Portuguese Tourist visa and have a new job in Portugal.   Now what? The first thing, you’ve probably already started doing, is to look for somewhere to live.   You may have even found somewhere that you’re going to start living and working in.   

A work permit for Portugal is something that many foreigners living in the country may wish to become eligible for. They must ensure they meet certain criteria and also take the necessary steps to convert from a tourist visa to a work permit.

Not every legal resident of Portugal is entitled to work, as you should know. Those who are not will have to apply for a Visa in order to stay in the country and keep working. However, due to certain circumstances, holders of an entry visa may turn it into a work permit. Eager to know how? I have good news for you! In this article I will explain exactly how this process works.

The first thing that you have to know, is that it is impossible to get a Portuguese work permit if you do not have a VISA, and Portugal has a very hard immigration policy. It’s also rather complicated but don’t worry, we’re here to help. You might think:

How To Convert Tourist Visa To Work Permit In Portugal

Like many countries, Portugal requires everyone who wants to live and work in the country to have a valid working visa before they arrive. There are several different types of visas catering to different situations — such as students, families, or individuals hoping to find work there. However, getting a Portuguese visa is not an easy task. Here’s what you need to know about how to obtain a Portuguese work permit and how it compares with other European countries in terms of difficulty

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