How To Convert Visit Visa To Employment Visa In Uae

One of the biggest decisions that you will make while living in the UAE is whether or not you want to get a job. When you’re choosing whether or not to get a job it is also important to consider what type of visa you currently have. There’s no way around it; getting a job usually means having to get a different UAE visa (i.e. an employment visa) but don’t worry — we’ve created this guide in case you’re trying to convert from a visit visa to an employment visa in Uae .

The process of conversion from visit visa to employment visa is not that easy and it should be completed with the help of someone who knows about the process.

Do you want to remain in United Arab Emirate (UAE) and get the employment visa? You can still apply for an Employment Visa after getting a Visit Visa.

How To Convert Visit Visa To Employment Visa In Uae

Applying for a visit visa is easy but an employment visa requires a bit more effort. The immigration officials will be more strict in your case and expect you to prove that you are able to support yourself. There are numerous cases where people on visit visa have been granted employment visas as well, but they have to fulfil certain specific conditions. The recent changes in the rules may make it difficult for some expats in Dubai and they might have to apply for another visit visa instead of being granted an employment visa even if they fulfil all the conditions.

You’ve landed the elusive work visa in the UAE, but you’re only allowed to work for a specified period of time. If you run out of time before your next renewal, you’ll have to leave the country and you’ll have to start the whole process again. So how do you extend your visa?

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