How To Extend 1 Month Visit Visa In Dubai

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The UAE is a popular destination for Western expats. Dubai in particular is a very attractive option with its jobs, high standard of living, and year-round sunshine. But having a work visa that cannot be extended can be quite limiting. In this article we will explain how to extend your visit visa in Dubai, as well as the procedure required should you wish to reside there permanently.

Extending your visa gives you more time in the UAE. However, there are strict regulations and rules to follow. The initial entry visa is given to you depending on the purpose of the visit. You can apply for an extension one month before your visa expires if it is within a period of 90 days, or 15 days after the expiration if it is 180 days or more.

How To Extend 1 Month Visit Visa In Dubai

A visitor visa is provided to a non-citizen of the UAE for a duration of not exceeding one month. Whereas, for certain categories of expatriates, including residents, this period could be extended to a maximum of three months. Holders of visitor visas are not allowed to work in the UAE.

Overstaying your welcome in the United Arab Emirates can be expensive and time-consuming. But thanks to its investment in cutting edge technology, the UAE has a workaround for people who want to stay longer.

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