How To Extend 3 Months Visit Visa In Uae

You want to extend your visa b ufore you go back. And trust us if you don’t, you will regret it. The most common question we get asked is how to extend 3 months visit visa in uae. We answer this in this article, as well as all other questions related to visa extensions and renewals.

Turaify aims to become the online experts in visa matters. We take a step by step approach to give you your best chance of obtaining an extension on your 3 months visit visa inside of UAE.

Despite the United Arab Emirates being a popular destination, not everyone knows how to extend UAE Visit Visa. Expats living in the UAE often need a Visit Visa Extension or Visa Renewal before they are eligible to renew their visas. Find out how to get an extension or renewal of your visa in the UAE easily and quickly.

How To Extend 3 Months Visit Visa In Uae

UAE high commission, Maitland House is the office on behalf of the Government, visa processing services. As UAE’s costliest city for living in, Dubai’s expat community can be especially anxious about just what the visa process entails – particularly towards the end of a visitor visa period.

Visas are not the most exciting portion of planning a trip, but they are crucial. And if you’re planning to visit Dubai, knowing how visitor visas work is particularly important. The United Arab Emirates offers three types of visas for entry into the country: The Visit Visa is for those who wish to make Dubai their home during their entire stay in the UAE; The Transit Visa is for those who plan to arrive on a flight, stay in Dubai for a few hours and then continue on their journey. In other words, you won’t leave the transit area in the airport;

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