How To Extend 30 Day Visa In Dubai

Are you from countries like India, Bangladesh or Africa? Dubai is one of the places that attract tourists from these countries. Dubai is a place for all human beings. People who are having the ability to visit Dubai more than once what they can do here? Once you arrive in Dubai, you will have 30 days to reside here. Once you complete that days you need to leave this country. If someone wants to stay in this country they have try many things. They have 30 days to obtain their residence visa.


Eduard Khashimov is a Russian expatriate who moved to Dubai exactly two years ago. He shares his personal experience, and answers your questions on how to extend 30-day visa in the UAE.

Those expats, who have just arrived in Dubai and wish to extend their 30-day visa for 90 days need to be aware that more documents and steps are required now. The UAE government has revised the rules and regulations in January 2018.

How To Extend 30 Day Visa In Dubai

Dubai is one of the most desired destinations by people who want to see the world. However, it is not easy to get in there due to specific immigration rules and visa restrictions. You will have 30 days for visa-extension only under certain conditions. In general, you can extend your visa if you are from a J1 Visa or a GCC/GCC resident visa holder. So, make sure you know the process.

Dubai is a beautiful tourist attraction to witness once in lifetime. The sandy beaches, the roving cars and everything whatever you have seen in a movie or a television show is true and purely Dubai. But there are few things that tourists need to consider, be it long-term stay or just a quick visit.

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