How To Extend An Open Work Permit In Canada

I’m an immigrant. One of the toughest immigration challenges I’ve had to face recently was how to extend my open work permit in Canada. It’s tough because it’s not an easy process and can be frustrating at times. Add in a few curveballs and it becomes doubly hard!

If you’re not familiar with the Open Work Permit, it’s a permit that can allow you to work in Canada even if you don’t have a job offer. If obtained prior to entering Canada, it can also be valid for your entire stay in the country. Residency and Immigration Canada does not publicize this information very much so most people aren’t aware of this option when they get approved to enter Canada. This guide aims to help people extend a work permit using an open work permit as a starting point in their immigration application to Canada.

There are numerous options available to extend your stay in Canada. The best option is an open work permit visa. An open work permit will allow you to remain in Canada while you apply for permanent residence. The process of applying for the open work permit can be a bit complicated. This guide will walk you through each step.

How To Extend An Open Work Permit In Canada

Canada has two kinds of work permits: the Open Work Permit and the Temporary Work Permit. The major difference between these two is how long they can be extended.

Open work permits extend the time of your authorized stay in Canada. The Government of Canada allows a qualified foreign worker to apply for an open work permit early on in his or her employment. This permit allows the worker to look for other employment opportunities that might better suit his or her skills.

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