How To Extend Business Visa In Ksa

Now a days more and more countries are issuing multiple entry business visas. And the most common is 4 times visa from Ksa. Which means you can visit Ksa 4 times with 2 months period each time. Ksa 4 times Visa Mashrebuz Zonasi or (4X4) Visas or Visit Visa upon Arrival (VOA) are issued to businessmen and women, who will be entering into Ksa for business purposes and wish to stay at the country for a short period of time i.e., usually two months only.

Extending your business visa in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can be done under two categories. The first is applying for an open visa while in country while second is applying for an exit and re-entry visa from your home country prior to travel. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages that are dependent upon the situation. It is important that you fully understand the spirit and intentions of your original business visa, before choosing a route to extend it.

How To Extend Business Visa In Ksa

Business Visa allows a person to enter Saudi Arabia and do business in KSA. It is granted to individuals who will have working, residing or visiting KSA for some work-related purpose. The time duration of this visa may vary from one month to longer period but it is indefinite, as long as the person remains in KSA on legitimate business matters. The visa may be extended up to 2 years without leaving the country and can be further extended with the authorization provided by relevant authorities.

The Saudi government has issued Resolution 91/2015 that amends the law previously issued on the Entry, Exit, and Residence of Foreigners (No. 23 for year 2014). The amended law has been set to take effect as of 29/09/2015.

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