How To Extend Business Visa In Saudi

If you want to come to Saudi Arabia for doing business and need a business visa, you may wonder how to extend your business visa in Saudi Arabia. Here we will show you how to extend both non-Saudi and Saudi issued business visa.

If you are a business traveler, the only way you can stay in Saudi Arabia for more than 2 months is to apply for a business visa from the Saudi embassy of your country. However, there are certain requirements that need to be fulfilled before extending a business visa in Saudi.

Extending your business visa should be straight-forward. You should know what to do and what the next steps are. You can read my guide to help you through the process. In most cases, you can extend your Saudi business visa without having to leave the Kingdom.

Like every country in the world, Saudi Arabia has its own set of visa rules and regulations. Getting a business visa is easy in most cases but extending or changing it can be difficult. It’s very important to know that you should avoid overstaying or even exceeding your permitted length of stay in Saudi Arabia at all costs.

Many a times, most of the businessmen come to know that their business visa is about to expire and in such a case, they rush out for the last minute action plans so that they can get their visa extended. But does that really work? Sometimes it does but sometimes it doesn’t.

How To Extend Business Visa In Saudi

The Saudi Business visa granted by the Saudi consulate for individuals planning trips to Saudi Arabia for business purposes. The visa description and information contains in

English and Arabic. We writing today to explain this important information following frequently asked questions about the Saudi Business Visa:

What is the duration of my visa?
How long will the visa be valid for?
Where is the visa number on my visa?
And a lot of other questions answered below

Please find the attached sample of the Saudi Business visa, we have numbered each area:

1. Visa issue date in format Day / Month / Year started with the English date and the second date is the Arabic Hijri date.
2. Unique visa number.
3. The validity of visa to enter Saudi Arabia, for single entry Saudi Arabia visas, the maximum validity will be three months, and the maximum duration of stay will be thirty days.
For multiple entry visas, the visa can be issued for 6 months, 1 year, 2 years or 5 years and duration of stay is max 90 days per trip.
4. Name of the applicant.
5. The Job title.
6. Duration of stay. It shows how long you are allowed to stay in Saudi Arabia each time you visit. You must not exceed this period otherwise your visa will become void and face penalties and some case deportation and ban from KSA. If you require to stay longer then you have to either extend the duration of stay and you can contact your Saudi company who issue your invitation or contact us for more information about the extension. or you can exit Saudi Arabia for visa run and come back the next day if you have multiple entry visa so you can have new duration of stay. but if its single entry then you will need to apply for new Business visa.
7. Purpose of the visit.
8. Saudi Business invitation number, this the invitation letter issued from Saudi chamber of commerce and provided it to you by the Saudi company, if you require assistance with Saudi invitation we are here to help.
9. E-number means application number, which is created by the Authorised agent at the time of completing your application online.

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