How To Get Visa For Nanny In Abu Dhabi

When you bring your new nanny from the Philippines, there are few things you will need to get started. After all, she probably doesn’t speak English fluently, and needs to learn about your culture before she can work for you. But none of this matters if you can’t enable her to travel to the UAE in the first place.

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How To Get Visa For Nanny In Abu Dhabi

When planning for the future, we always try to put all the pieces together. We want to make sure everything will fall into place as we plan it all out in our heads, but sometimes certain pieces don’t fit. That doesn’t mean they aren’t important. So what if you are missing or forgot a piece or two? You can always find a way to make it work. The best thing you can do is develop a plan B or C and move forward with your own plans. There is nothing wrong with that if you go into it with only good intentions and not trying to replace what already works for you in the first place.

Hamza works for a bank in Dubai and his wife works for an Advertising Agency. They have 2 kids, one of them goes to school. Their parents are back in their home country. Now, for two individuals who are working full time job, to manage their kids and home becomes a tedious task.


You guessed it right. MAID.

Many of us may relate to the above situation. However, getting a maid on residency visa is a bit of cumbersome task here in UAE. However, with proper planning and knowledge, you will be easily able to obtain a visa for domestic help.

Procedure for applying Maid Visa

As with any new visa in UAE, maid visa is a 2 step process:

1.  Entry Permit

2. Residence Visa

Entry Permit for Maid Visa

The sponsor of the Maid Visa will need to choose a recruitment agency and must get a Entry Permit application typed at an authorised typing centre. The sponsor must then go to the residency department to obtain Entry Permit.

The entry permit for the maid visa will enable the maid to travel to UAE. The entry visa must be presented to the recruitment agency. The sponsor will have 60 days to stamp residency visa for maid once the person arrives.

Residency Visa stamping for maid

Once the maid arrives in UAE, the process of residency visa stamping must be done within 60 days. Prior to that below points must be satisfied:

Health Insurance

If you are employing maids from Ethiopia, Sri Lanka or Indonesia, their medical fitness must be done in the country of their origin before applying for visa. I suggest that you do medical fitness for maid in their countries, irrespective of their nationalities. This assures you that the maid does not have any health issues.

Maids are to be provided a health insurance coverage in UAE. A health insurance must be subscribed prior to applying for residency visa.

Maids will then be required to undergo medical test in UAE authorised health centres. Once the medical fitness is successful, you may take the maid’s passport for stamping in the residency department.

Costs of Visa (Annually)

Entry PermitAED 200 to AED 250Residence VisaAED 200 to AED 250Annual Sponsorship FeeAED 5,000Refundable Security DepositAED 2,000Medical FitnessAs applicable

Other costs of sponsoring maid visa

Besides the above costs, depending on from which country your maid is from, the respective country’s officials may ask for a security deposit. If you are recruiting maid from India(Maids with ECR-Emigration Check Required status), you are required to place a security deposit of AED 9200 which is refunded upon cancellation of the maid visa. Nepal requires you to keep a security deposit of AED 5000 plus a service charge of AED 300. Sri Lanka requires US$1000 as security deposit and AED 185 as registration fee.

Who is eligible to Apply for Maid Visa?

Any UAE residence with monthly salary of AED 6,000 or AED 5,000 with Accommodation is eligible to apply for maid visa. You are also required to have a 2 bedroom apartment tenancy contract in sponsor’s name. I have also heard of the instances where the Department has considered combined income. But please clarify this point

Salaries of Maids

Countries such as India, Philippines, Indonesia and Sri Lanka have stipulated that the maids from their countries must be given a minimum wage which is as below:

India                      AED 1,100

Philippines            AED 1,400

Sri Lanka              AED 825

Indonesia              AED 800               

I hope that you now have a fair idea as to the procedures associated with sponsoring maid visa in UAE. For any clarifications, do leave a comment below.

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  1. Manishsays:Dear Deepak,For Indian House Maid , is their an age limit, someone said that she should be not less than 30.Our maid back in India is 24 and her family have been with us for last 20 years with her mother still working for our parents in india.Reply
  2. Suhasays:Hi Deepak,My husband has sponsored his father who stays with us in our 2 bed apartment in Dubai. Will we be allowed to sponsor a maid from India to care for our new born despite not having a maid’s room & having already sponsored my father-in-law?

Maid Visa UAE: Costs & Requirements

By Afreen Razak

maid visa dubai, UAE

Around 5% of the population of the UAE are domestic workers – and demand is rising. According to recent research, the UAE spends around three billion dollars annually on domestic help. In Dubai and the UAE, hiring help is seen as a competitive advantage and many families live with at least one full-time maid, some with more. If you’re interested in hiring domestic help and obtaining a maid visa in the UAE, take a deep dive into our latest guide to explore up-to-date costs and requirements. In this article, we will explore the following topics:

  • Benefits of hiring a maid in Dubai or the UAE
  • Rules and regulations for a housemaid visa in Dubai or the UAE
  • What is the cost of a maid visa in Dubai or the UAE?
  • Documents required to obtain a maid visa in Dubai or the UAE
  • Why choose SPC Free Zone?

Benefits of hiring a maid in Dubai or the UAE

For busy business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, time is everything. Many choose to hire help, often in the form of a nanny or maid. In the UAE, hiring a maid and other domestic help is commonplace for a number of reasons, such as:

  • More affordable option

While employers are required to pay domestic workers a minimum wage and most choose to pay more, hiring a maid in Dubai or the UAE is more affordable than most people assume. It’s much cheaper than hiring by the hour through an agency, too.

  • Trusting relationships

Hiring a live-in maid allows you and your family to build a trustful relationship, with many maids becoming an integral part of the household. It avoids disruption, too.

  • More time to focus on business

By delegating chores and cleaning to a maid, you can reserve your time and energy for building a business that thrives and spending time with family and friends.

  • Multi-skilled domestic help

Many maids and other domestic workers can cook, clean and keep an eye on the children. This makes it a much more convenient and affordable alternative to hiring individual specialists by the hour. 

  • It creates jobs

Many individuals seeking employment as domestic help have families of their own to provide for. Demand for work is rising alongside the demand for help.

  • It is legal

This might seem like an obvious point, but many expats fail to realise that hiring a maid on a casual basis can land them in hot water. The Ministry of Labour fines individuals for employing workers that are not sponsored by you or workers paid on a cash-in-hand basis. By obtaining the maid visa yourself, you can be secure in the knowledge that you are employing help lawfully.

Rules and regulations for a housemaid visa in Dubai or the UAE

As an employer, it is essential that you comply with the UAE’s rules and regulations regarding hiring a housemaid. We’ve highlighted a selection of the most important rules here:

  • Eligibility of sponsor

In the UAE, you must be married and the head of your family to obtain a maid visa. You must also be able to prove that you earn a minimum of AED 6,000 per month. 

  • Eligibility of maid

UAE residents can sponsor maids from India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Citizens of most countries must be over 18, though maids from the Philippines must be aged 30–60 years.

  • Rules of employment

As an employer, you are solely responsible for paying the maid, along with any other benefits. You are also contractually obliged to pay household help the statutory minimum wage, though this differs from country to country. At the time of writing, the minimum wages for each country are as follows:

  • India: AED 1,100
  • Sri Lanka: AED 825
  • Philippines: AED 1,400
  • Bangladesh: AED 750
  • Indonesia: AED 800
  • Contract

Wages must be paid within 10 days of the agreed due date. Each working week must include one day of paid rest and each day must include 12 hours of rest per day, including at least 8 hours of consecutive rest. Employers must cover up to 30 days of medical leave and 30 days of paid vacation. Food, accommodation, uniform and the cost of a bi-annual round trip to their home country must be included in the contract, too.

What is the cost of a maid visa in Dubai or the UAE?

The cost of obtaining a maid visa in Dubai or the UAE starts at AED 5000. However, there are additional costs to take into consideration too, such as typing centre fees, medical insurance fees and immigration fees. You will also need to make a refundable deposit, usually around AED 2,000.

To ensure you’re getting the best price for your maid visa, get in touch with SPC Free Zone. Our friendly advisors will be able to provide a bespoke quote based on your specific requirements, free of charge.

Documents required to obtain a maid visa in Dubai or the UAE

When it comes to applying for a maid visa, the process is very similar to applying for your own visa. For instance, you’ll need to ensure you have obtained an entry permit to allow them to enter the country. They will also need to undergo a medical examination within 30 days of entering the country to apply for an Emirates ID card. You will then need to submit a selection of documents on his or their behalf, including:

  • The completed application form
  • A copy of both the maid’s passport and the sponsor’s
  • Sponsor’s residence visas
  • Attested marriage certificate
  • Original Emirates ID
  • A bank statement from the past three months
  • Proof of accommodation or tenancy contract with a minimum of two bedrooms
  • A salary certificate of sponsor in Arabic for government employees or a labour contract for private employees
  • A labour contract from the sponsor’s employer
  • Three passport photos of the maid

You should also note that all of these forms must be signed by an authorised typing centre before submitting.

Why choose SPC Free Zone?

SPC Free Zone is located right in the heart of Sharjah. As well as helping you to navigate the process of obtaining a maid visa, we offer fast and flexible business setup in the UAE. You can choose from more than 1,500 business activities, apply for 20 visas under one licence, and apply for a dual-licence option that offers both mainland and free zone on the same licence. With immigration services on-site, you can get your licence issued in less than two hours, too.

Our customers can also avail themselves of a whole host of additional benefits, such as zero paid-up share capital, 0% corporate and personal income tax and 100% foreign ownership.

Looking to obtain a maid visa in the UAE as efficiently and smoothly as possible? Reach out to the SPC Free Zone today.

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