Indonesia Business Visa For Indian

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Indonesia Visa is a kind of privilege to enter Indonesia country, which can be obtained by various types of people (businessperson, tourist, or even an Indonesian citizen who is also living abroad) but under almost same process steps. This article will show you Indonesia Business Visa requirements for Indian since we have special country category as India.

The Indonesian government is currently in the process of creating more job opportunities for foreign investors. These new business regulations require the country

A number of countries issue visas with a validity period that’s less than the duration of stay required for a business venture. In such cases, you’ll need an “extension” when you enter Indonesia on a short-term visa. The Embassy/Consulate in Indonesia will charge an official fee to process the extension of stay visa application.

If you are an Indian citizen and apply for business visa ,your application needs to be supported by a letter from a responsible person or company you’re associated with. The letter needs to state the purpose of your trip, the dates of travel and number of travelers. The letter must also include the contact information for someone who may be contacted while abroad in case of emergency.

Indonesia Business Visa For Indian

If you need to travel to Indonesia for business purposes, you may have to apply for an Indonesia business visa. There are single-entry and multiple-entry business visas for Indonesia.

The Indonesia business visa is issued to foreigners who intend to take part in meetings, attend conferences, sign a deal, or any other business-related purpose. However, you cannot do any work for an Indonesian company or become employed in an Indonesian company.

Do I Need an Indonesia Business Visa?

You need to apply for an Indonesia Business Visa if:

  • You are from a country that is not included on the Indonesian visa-waiver list. There are countries whose citizens can visit Indonesia without a visa for stays of up to 30 days. If your country is not included on that list, then you must apply for an Indonesia business visa.
  • You want to stay longer than 30 days. Even if you are from a “visa-exempt” country, if you want to stay in Indonesia for more than 30 days, you have to apply for a visa.

Indonesia Business Visa Documents

When you apply for an Indonesian Business Visa, you should have a list of standard visa documents, and any documents that the Embassy/Consulate requires. This includes:

  • Indonesia Visa Application Form, completed and signed. You can get it on the Embassy/Consulate website or in their offices, whichever is available.
  • Your passport. The passport has to be valid for at least another six months from the time you will enter Indonesia.
  • Also include a copy of your passport.
  • The passport-size picture with the following requirements:
    • Dimensions: 3cm x 4cm or 4cm x 6cm
    • White background
    • Taken recently (last three months)
    • Your face must be fully visible
    • You must be staring straight ahead
    • No headgear allowed unless it is for religious purposes. Even them, the face must be fully visible.
    • If you have prescription eye-glasses, they must not have glare, thick rims, or be too big.
    • The picture must be glued to the designated spot on the Indonesia Visa Application Form
  • A copy of your round-trip or onward travel ticket.
  • Proof you have sufficient financial means to sustain yourself during your stay (e.g. bank statements).
  • Business Visa Cover Letter from the company, organization or institution you work for in your country. The letter must be written on the company’s letterhead and include the following:
    • The full address and phone number of the company/organization/institution.
    • The number of days and entries you are requesting the visa for
  • Letter of Invitation from the company, organization, or institution you will visit in Indonesia. Similarly to the Cover Letter, the invitation must be written on the company’s letterhead and include the following:
    • The full address and phone number of the company/organization/institution.
    • The number of days and entries you are requesting the visa for
    • Explain whether they have responsibility for your accommodation and maintenance costs.
  • Proof you have paid the Indonesia visa fee.
  • If you are applying for a multiple-entry Business Visa: Letter of Visa Authorization from the Directorate General of Immigration in Indonesia. Your sponsor in Indonesia must obtain this on your behalf.
  • If you will apply by mail: Include a pre-paid self-addressed return​​ envelope (with a stamp attached). The Embassy/Consulate will use the envelope to return your passport and documents after the visa processing.
  • If you are not a citizen of the country you live in: A copy of your valid Residence Permit/Visa.

How to Apply for Indonesia Business Visa?

You have to apply for an Indonesian Business Visa at an Embassy or Consulate of Indonesia, which you can find listed here.

  1. Contact them to learn about their specific submission requirements. Some will ask you to make an appointment or you may be able to send the application by mail.
  2. Collect the required documents for an Indonesia business visa.
  3. Pay the visa fee.
  4. Submit the documents at the Indonesian Embassy or Consulate or send them out by mail/courier.
  5. Wait for the Embassy/Consulate to process your visa application.
  6. If you are applying for a multiple-entry business visa for Indonesia: You must have a sponsor (the inviting company) which has to apply for a Letter of Visa Authorization from the Directorate General of Immigration in Jakarta.

Once the Embassy/Consulate makes a decision they will likely notify you and you should go back to pick up your passport and documents. If you apply by mail/courier, they will send them to you in the same manner.

Indonesia Business Visa on Arrival

An Indonesian Visa on Arrival is available to people from select countries. If you are from one of the countries eligible for the VOA, and you intend to travel for business-related reasons, then you can get an Indonesia business visa on arrival at the airport.

In this case, the visa will be valid for a maximum of 30 days and you can extend it for another 30 days before expiry.

The process of obtaining an Indonesian Visa on Arrival and who is eligible for it is detailed here.

If you are not from one of the countries who can get a Visa On Arrival, you have to apply the regular way at an Embassy or Consulate.

Indonesia Visa Fees

The fees for Indonesian visas are as follows:

  • Single-entry Business Visa: USD 50
  • Multiple-entry Business Visa: USD 100
  • Limited Stay Visa:
    • Six months: USD 50
    • One year: USD 90
    • Two years: USD 160
  • Visa on Arrival: USD 35

Paying the Indonesia visa fee

The way you will pay the Indonesia visa fee will depend on the specific Embassy or Consulate you are applying to and whether you are applying by mail or in person.

In most cases, the Indonesian Embassies/Consulates have instructions regarding the payment method on their official websites. They include purchasing a Money Order or paying via your Credit or Debit Card.

Note: The visa fees are subject to change, based on new immigration rules as well as the country in which you apply.

What Is the Duration of an Indonesia Business Visa?

There are two main types of Indonesia business visas: single-entry and multiple-entry visas.

Single-entry Indonesia Business Visa

A single-entry Indonesian business visa allows the holder to stay in the country for up to 60 days. Once you leave, you cannot re-enter on the same visa.

If you want to stay longer than 60 days, you will need to apply for a visa extension at an immigration office.

Multiple-entry Indonesia Business Visa

A multiple-entry business is valid for one year, during which you can Indonesia multiple times and stay in the country for up to 60 days each entry.

For a multiple-entry Indonesia Business Visa, the company or organization that you will visit in Indonesia has to apply for a Letter of Visa Authorization from the Directorate General of Immigration in Jakarta.

If you enter Indonesia through the Visa Waiver programme or through an Indonesia Business Visa on Arrival, then you can stay for up to 30 days.

Indonesia Business Visa Extension

If you apply for an Indonesian business visa (either at an Embassy or On Arrival) and want to extend your stay, you have to do so before your current visa expires at the Immigration Office in Indonesia.

You’ll have to pay a fee, which will be the same as your original visa fee (i.e: USD 35 for Visa on Arrival; USD 50 for Embassy Busines Visa). You can apply for an extension up to 4 times, each time for 30-60 days.

If you received a multiple-entry visa, you don’t have to apply for an extension. You can simply leave the country and re-enter, and you automatically get another 60 days.

If you have entered under Visa Waiver (without a visa), you won’t be able to extend your stay. If you stay longer than the visa waiver allows, you have to pay a fee for every day you overstay (approximately USD 70 per day).

Can I Work With an Indonesia Business Visa?

With an Indonesia business visa, you cannot work or receive a salary from an Indonesian company. You can engage in business-related activities, such as attend meetings or seminars, take part or conduct training or workshops, do inspections, etc. as long as you are not actually employed in Indonesia.

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