Indonesia Dependent Visa For Indian

The Indian migrants who are accompanying their spouse studying and working in Indonesia must obtain the “Indonesia dependent visa (ITAS)”.

Are you planning to visit Indonesia? If yes, then simply be very happy to know that now it is available, dependent visa for six months which is applicable for nationals of 173 countries. Not only this, in order to get this dependent visa, you will have to submit an application on the basis of your personal relationships with other family members like a spouse or a parent when you are travelling together with them.

Indonesia is one of favorite tourist destination. Although, aren’t many people are aware that Indonesia has several visa options for Indian passport holders.

Indonesia is a popular tourist destination for Indians. People prefer to travel to Indonesia because it’s affordable, you can see beautiful natural wonders and have an enjoyable holiday there. There are many travel agencies that arrange Indonesian visa for Indian nationals depending on their requirements. They help theirs clients in the best possible manner to get convenient and secured services.

I am sure, who have heard about Indonesia, a lot of information and articles will come to your mind. Destination of tropical, where the sun always shines. The country with Hindu and Dutch heritage, which bring a unique vibrant culture that you can’t find in any other

Dependent Visa Indonesia: When Will You Need One?

A dependent visa or family reunion visa in Indonesia is a document that allows foreigners to bring their family while settling down in the country. Specifically, a dependent visa allows work permit or KITAS holders to bring their spouse and children under 18 years old.

Technically, a dependent visa is sponsored by the same company that sponsored the foreigner’s work permit or KITAS. However, it is still important to note that foreign citizens who hold Indonesian dependent visas cannot work or earn income from Indonesian companies.

Before a foreigners’ family members can apply for an Indonesian dependent visa, they must obtain a limited stay visa (VITAS) to enter the country. Once they have arrived, their VITAS will convert into an Indonesian family visa or dependent visa.

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Dependent Visa in Indonesia: Eligibility and Requirements

An Indonesian family reunion visa or dependent visa will stay valid as long as the KITAS that sponsors it is valid. To obtain one for your family members, you have to provide essential documents such as a certificate of marriage, children’s birth certificate, and a copy of passports with a validity of at least 18 months.

It is also important to note that the application process for a dependent visa in Indonesia is fully conducted online and no longer requires you to go to the embassy or consulate-general office. Contact our English-speaking visa agents in Bali, Semarang, or Jakarta for more details regarding Indonesian dependent visa requirements.

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