Indonesia Visa For Canadian

The best way to obtain a visa for Indonesia for a Canadian citizen is through an Indonesian Embassy/Consulate. This means that you will need to travel outside of your country and apply in person. However, this doesn’t mean it’s really hard to get an Indonesia visa from the consulate. All you have to do is go there and they’ll help you accordingly with the paperwork needed.

If you are a citizen of Canada and planning to visit Indonesia for a short period of time, such as for holiday trip or family visit, there are few types of visa that you can apply for. As it seems, there is no such thing as a Visa On Arrival when entering Indonesia from Canada. For more information about the visa requirements for travelling to Indonesia from Canada, read on.

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Indonesia Visa For Canadian

Canadian passport holders and their family members who wish to travel long-term or on vacation to Indonesia must obtain a visa prior to departure.

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The northern third of Indonesia is dominated by tall, coconut palm-shaded beaches and polished rice paddies, but the most populous city in Indonesia is not there. Jakarta is a sprawling megacity of 10 million people, loud, polluted and congested.

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