Indonesia Visa For India Passport

For a lot of years, there was only one country that had visa-on-arrival facility for India passport holders and that was Indonesia. In the last couple of years, Maldives has also started offering the same. So while we can say that these are countries where traveling to India is easy, there’s a far more important thing to know: getting a visa for either of these countries is not hard at all.

Having just a tourist visa makes your current status in Indonesia to be an illegal immigrant. You are not allowed to work, have limited of time to stay in Indonesia, and should continually exit and enter the country every 90 days.

Visa to Indonesia for Indian Passport Holders is required by all Indian passport holders for traveling to Indonesia. The applicant has to apply for an Indonesian visa from their nearest Indonesian embassy. Visa application requires certain documents that are related to applicant’s Identity, Employment, Travel plans, etc. In this article I’m going to discuss about the visa requirements for visiting Indonesia for Indians citizens and other miscellaneous information such as Duration of the Visa, Single entry or Multiple entry visa, etc.

Indonesia Visa For India Passport

Visa application is neither an easy nor a complex job. You will need to fill up the forms and prepare all the required documents. While applying for visa you need to be aware of some basic facts about your travel destination, which you have probably never heard before. What is more, don’t forget that a visa also implies perfectly legal proceeding and adherence to every single rule. If you are going on a trip to Indonesia, pay attention to the following facts.

Are you a tourist who is going to visit Indonesia? Perhaps, you are in a business trip where you need to visit Indonesia. Even if you are a person who is in urgent travel to several countries and one of your travel destinations is Indonesia, the kind of visa that will help you to ease the travel formalities upon arrival could be the Multiple-Entry Visa. Of course, it costs money but it simplifies your travel experience.

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