Indonesia Visa For Pakistan

There are numerous people around the world who want to go to Dubai to do a job or some other activity like trade. Some of these people intend to stay there permanently while others just intend to visit once. In both cases, they will need an employment visa. The visa may be issued by the General Organization for Residence and Nationality (GORRAN) which is responsible for processing visa applications in most emirates of the country.

In the United Arab Emirates, the employment visa is issued by the Ministry of Human Resource and Emiratisation to both local and expatriate employees. Businesses are also required to obtain an Operating License from the UAE Federal Government. We will base our discussion today on – Indonesia Visa For Pakistan. But, other resources which you can find on our website include some frequently asked questions such as: uae employment visa process step by step and 2 years employment visa dubai price

There are a lot of people who wish to be in one country or another and have the desire to live in the place. For some it is because they want to avoid their home situations whereas for some it is because they feel like they need to expand their vision around the world. It can turn out to be quite a nightmare if you try to obtain the visa on your own as it needs a lot of attention and time. Obtaining an Indonesia visa for Pakistan is not easy and can be very hard but that does not mean that there are no procedures that you can follow to apply for an Indonesia visa for Pakistan.

Hi Pakistanis, as you all know that Pakistan has no agreement with any country for mutual visa exemption. As a result, Pakistani national face serious difficulties, on the international travel, for countries which include Indonesia for their nationals. This article is about asking Indonesian government to give visa facility to Pakistani nationals like India, China and many other Asian countries.

Indonesia Visa For Pakistan

The VVIP service of the Government of Indonesia has issued visas to Pakistani diplomats up to seven days and is exclusively available online. Pakistani officials can also apply online.

When you are traveling to Indonesia it’s a good idea to check on the website of the Embassy of Indonesia in Pakistan. The reason is you want to ensure you will be able to get your visa, and that no problems will occur. After all, delays can result in cancellation of your trip or business trip – this is something we want to avoid. So it’s better to check all the details related to the visa application. Don’t worry – the procedure is pretty simple.

Indonesia is a federal republic country consists of thousands of islands located in South East Asia. Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago with over 17,508 islands, and it has a large population consist of 3,000 ethnic groups. With its modern buildings, advance technology and rich natural resources, Indonesia has become one of the most visited tourist destinations and also one of the most favored outsourcing & investments locations today.

If you are thinking of visiting Indonesia as a tourist, you may not even have to apply for an Indonesia Tourist Visa at all. That’s because the Indonesia visa policy is very lenient, and the majority of people are exempt from tourist visa requirements.

Who Needs an Indonesia Tourist Visa?

You only have to apply for an Indonesia tourist visa if you are from one of the following countries:

AfghanistanCameroonCentral African Republic
ColombiaCongoDemocratic Republic of the Congo
DjiboutiEquatorial GuineaEritrea
North KoreaSierra LeoneSomalia
South SudanSudanSyria

If you are not from a country listed above, then you can enter Indonesia for up to 30 days without a visa. You need your passport and proof of a return flight ticket. If you enter under the visa exemption, you are not allowed to extend your stay. You must depart within 30 days or face a fine on your way out (approximately USD 70 for each day you have overstayed).

How to Apply for an Indonesia Tourist Visa?

You can apply for an Indonesia Tourist Visa in one of the following ways:

  • On arrival at the airport in Indonesia (only for citizens of certain countries)
  • At an Embassy or Consulate of Indonesia near you.

What is the Indonesia Visa on Arrival?

The Indonesia Visa on Arrival is a type of tourist visa. It will only allow the holder to stay in Indonesia for up to 30 days. Everyone who is eligible for the Indonesian VOA is also allowed to enter the country without a visa at all for a maximum of 30 days.

So, why should you bother to apply for a Visa on Arrival for Indonesia?

Well, if you enter Indonesia without a visa (i.e. under the visa waiver program), you cannot extend your stay under any circumstances. You must leave before the 30 days are up.

However, if you apply for a Visa on Arrival, then you can apply for an extension of your visa and stay longer (for a fee).

Who Can Get an Indonesia Visa on Arrival?

If you are from one of the countries listed on the table below, you can get an Indonesia Visa on Arrival:

Czech RepublicDenmarkEgypt
MonacoNew ZealandNetherlands
Papua New GuineaPolandPortugal
Saudi ArabiaSouth AfricaSouth Korea
SeychellesTaiwanTimor Leste
TunisiaTurkeyUnited Arab Emirates
United KingdomUnited States 

Indonesia Visa On Arrival Process

To apply for an Indonesia Visa on Arrival, you have to approach the Visa on Arrival counters at the airport in Indonesia. There, you have to present:

  • Your passport. It must be valid for at least another six months.
  • An onward or return flight ticket.
  • The Visa on Arrival fee. The Indonesia Visa on Arrival cost is USD 35, or its equivalent in another currency.

Indonesia Visa On Arrival Extension

To extend an Indonesia Visa on Arrival, you have to go to the Immigration Office in Indonesia at least 7 days before it expires. There, you have to pay another fee of USD 35, and your VOA will be extended for another 30 days.

Indonesia Tourist Visa Requirements

When you apply for an Indonesia visa, you must have a number of documents which will be used to support your visa application. The tourist visa requirements for Indonesia are:

  • Indonesia Visa Application Form. You have to complete it and sign it. You can get the form on the Embassy/Consulate website or in their offices, whichever is available.
  • Your passport. It must be valid for at least another six months from the time you will enter Indonesia.
  • A copy of your passport.
  • If you are not a citizen of the country you live in: A copy of your valid Residence Permit/Visa.
  • Passport-size picture with the following requirements:
    • Dimensions: 3cm x 4cm or 4cm x 6cm
    • White background
    • Taken recently (last three months)
    • Your face must be fully visible
    • You must be staring straight ahead
    • You must stare straight ahead
    • No headgear allows unless it is for religious purposes. Even them, the face must be fully visible.
    • If you have prescription eye-glasses, they must not have glare, thick rims, or be too big.
    • The picture must be attached or glued to the designated spot on the Indonesia Visa Application Form
  • A copy of your round-trip or onward travel ticket.
  • Proof of sufficient financial means (bank statements)
  • If you will visit friends or family in Indonesia: Letter of Invitation from them as well a copy of their ID card or passport
  • Letter of Invitation from an organization or institution you will visit there (if applicable).
  • Proof of having paid the Indonesia visa fee.
  • For Multiple-Entry Visa: Letter of Visa Authorization from the Directorate General of Immigration in Indonesia. Your sponsor in Indonesia must obtain this on your behalf.
  • If you will apply by mail: A pre-paid self-addressed return​​ envelope (with a stamp attached). The Embassy/Consulate will use the envelope to return your passport and documents after the visa processing.

Remember: The Indonesia visa requirements are different for every type of visa, as well as from one country to the other. You may have to submit more documents or less, depending on the specific requirements of the Indonesian Embassy or Consulate.

Applying for Indonesia Tourist Visa at an Embassy/Consulate

If you are not eligible for an Indonesia Visa on Arrival, you have to apply for an Indonesia Tourist Visa at an Embassy or Consulate of Indonesia abroad. The process for an Indonesian Tourist Visa application is:

  1. Find the Indonesian Embassy or Consulate responsible for your jurisdiction. You can find the Diplomatic Missions of Indonesia here.
  2. Contact them or visit their website to learn about the visa application requirements.
  3. Make an appointment, if it’s required.
  4. Collect the required documents for the visa application.
  5. Pay the Indonesia visa fee. Some Embassies/Consulates require you to pay through a bank, while others accept cash. The visa fees are non-refundable. See “Indonesia Tourist Visa Fees” below.
  6. Submit the required documents at the Indonesian Embassy or Consulate. You can submit them in person or by mail if the specific Embassy/Consulate allows this option.
  7. Wait for the Embassy/Consulate to process your Indonesia Tourist Visa application.
  8. Once they have processed the visa application, you should go back to pick up your passport and documents. If you applied by mail, the Embassy/Consulate will mail them to you. If the decision was positive, you will receive your Indonesian visa.

Indonesia Tourist Visa Processing Time

Normally, it will take about 3 – 5 working days for the Embassy/Consulate to process your Tourist Visa application. However, the exact processing time can differ depending on which Embassy/Consulate you are applying in.

If you are from the following countries, the Indonesia visa  processing time will be longer since the Embassy/Consulate has to request permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia in Jakarta:

  • Afghanistan
  • Cameroon
  • Guinea
  • Israel
  • Liberia
  • Niger
  • Nigeria
  • North Korea
  • Pakistan
  • Somalia
  • Syria

Indonesia Tourist Visa Fees

The Indonesia Tourist Visa fees are:

  • For a Single-entry Tourist Visa: USD 50
  • For a Multiple-entry Tourist/Visit/Business Visa: USD 100
  • For an Indonesia Visa on Arrival: USD 35

Note: The visa fees are subject to change, based on new immigration rules as well as the country in which you apply and the local currency.

How to Pay the Indonesia Tourist Visa fee?

The payment method for an Indonesia visa fee depends on the Embassy or Consulate you are applying in and whether you’re applying by mail or in person. The Indonesian Embassies or Consulates of different countries have instructions about the payment method on their websites.

There is no single acceptable method of visa application.

What Is the Duration of an Indonesia Tourist Visa?

The validity of a Tourist Visa for Indonesia is 30 days and for a single entry. You can extend an Indonesia Tourist Visa for another 30 days before it expires.

Indonesia Visas on Arrival are also valid for 30 days and a single-entry and they are extendable.

If you want to stay longer or you travel to Indonesia often, you have to apply for an Indonesia multiple-entry visa. This type of visa is issued to business travellers, as well as visitors. It is valid for one year, and you can stay in Indonesia for a maximum of 60 days in each entry.

Indonesia Tourist Visa Extension

You can extend both the Indonesia Tourist Visa and Indonesia Visa On Arrival beyond their initial 30 days. You have to apply for a visa extension at the Immigration Office in Indonesia within the 7 days before the visa expires.

The Tourist Visa extension fee is the same as the initial visa fee you paid (USD 35 for Visa on Arrival; USD 50 for Embassy Tourist Visa).

Note: If you are exempt from visa requirements, and you enter Indonesia without a visa, you cannot apply for an extension of stay. You must leave Indonesia before the 30 days are up. If you do not, when you depart, you will have to pay an overstay fee, which is approximately USD 70 per day.

Can I Work with an Indonesia Tourist Visa / Visa on Arrival?

The Indonesia Tourist Visa, as well as the Visa on Arrival, are strictly for leisure, visit, and recreation activities. You cannot take up paid employment with either of them. If you want to work, you will have to apply for an Indonesia Work Visa.

If you want to stay longer than 30 days, such as for a family visit or studying purposes, you have to apply for the respective visa:

Visas that are issued for a longer period of time usually require prior authorization from the Directorate General of Immigration in Indonesia.

What is the Cost of an Employment Visa in UAE?

What is the Cost of an Employment Visa in UAE?

The cost might vary depending on the classification of companies, areas of company registration, and other things.

There are requirements like status change/position amendments etc. depending on how you apply for the visa.

However, the cost of a free zone visa is different and many requirements are not mandatory in the free zone as compared to offshore companies

The cheapest visa in the free zone will be AED 2500 + medical and emirates ID fee whereas the mainland will charge approximately 7000 AED or more.

Here is a price chart to get an idea about the costs involved in Dubai Mainland:

Quota Inspection AED 553
QuotaAED 83
Offer letterAED 243
Labour card payment Approximately ( Depends on the designation and Company Category in Labor )AED 2400
Labor Insurance ( Depends on the Designation )AED 262
Inside Country Visa AED 1176
Change Status AED 680
Medical normalAED 330
Emirates ID for 2 yearsAED 274
Labor Contract Submission in Tawjeeh ( Only selected designations are required to do the Tawjeeh Training )AED 166
Medical Insurance – Basic AED 700
Visa Stamping AED 493

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