Indonesia Visa For Pakistani Nationals

Visa is an important document for foreign nationals to be able to lawfully enter a foreign country. In this page, you will find the details about Indonesia visa application for Pakistani citizens.

We’ve been asked by many of you to write a guide on how to obtain Indonesia visa as a Pakistani citizen. We have now noticed that the country has more Pakistanis visiting it than Korean nationals. This is indeed a sign of the times, and people’s perception towards Islamic countries in general. Just the other day, we noticed a store window display of a very popular baby food brand in the city of Bandung which said:

Are you a Pakistani National who wishes to visit Indonesia but befuddled by the phrase “Visa on Arrival”? Don’t worry. With Pakistan passport holders, you can get 14-days free visa to Indonesia upon arrival.

Pakistanis either travel to Indonesia for business or pleasure. Those travelling to Indonesia for business reasons can get Business Visa; while those that visit Indonesia for tourism purposes are issued a regular 90 day visa. If a Pakistani national is visiting Indonesia more than 90 days visa, they can apply for a Multiple Entry Visa at Indonesian Embassy abroad.

Indonesia Visa For Pakistani Nationals

When it comes to choosing a country for exploration, Pakistan is a not a bad choice. Tourists often fancy the idea of traveling to Asia, known as the East, which also happens to be the birthplace of Buddhism. One of the countries in Asia is Indonesia. The archipelago has cultural and ethnic diversity. Indonesia has thousands of islands scattered in its sea expanse, each with its own distinct culture. Tourists that wish to visit Indonesia may possess wonder whether they would get an Indonesian visa upon reaching Islamabad.

The Republic of Indonesia is an archipelago in South East Asia comprising more than 17,500 islands. The country, with a population of approximately 237 million people, is the world’s fourth most populous nation. In 2010, CNN’s poll suggests that Indonesia is the «World’s 7th Best Place to Live.»

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