List Of Profession Eligible For Family Visa In Qatar

Qatar has had a booming economy in the last few decades. Companies from all over the world are moving to Qatar because of its rich oil and gas resources, which makes it one of the richest countries in the world. Many people have moved here to work in this country because of its lucrative business opportunities, high wages and great living standards.

List of Professions Eligible For Family Visa In Qatar allows you to sponsor a family member to become a permanent resident of the country (Qatar). It offers several ways to sponsor family members. An application or visa is usually approved within 24 hours if all information and requirements are filled. A general process involves you choosing an immigration program, file an application for this program, pay the fees and schedule an appointment. We will base our discussion today on List Of Profession Eligible For Family Visa In Qatar. But, other resources which you can find on our website include some frequently asked questions such as: supervisor can apply for family visa in qatar and list of profession eligible for driving licence in qatar

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List Of Profession Eligible For Family Visa In Qatar

The following list of professions is eligible for family visas in Qatar:



-Arts and crafts (including Singer, Artist, Painter, Sculptor and Designer)

-Banking and Finance (including Internal Audit and Risk Management; Financial Planning and Analysis; Insurance Broker; Investors Relations)

-Business Management (including Human Resources Management; Marketing Management; Operations Management)

-Construction Engineering (including Civil Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Mechanical Engineering)

-Consulting (including Business Consulting Services; Information Technology Consulting Services)

List Of Profession Eligible For Family Visa In Qatar 2022:

So are you wondering what are the professions eligible for family visa in qatar? If you are going to apply for a family visit visa in Qatar, you ought to know about the eligible occupations. You can obtain a family residence visa in Qatar if you belong to this professional category.

The professional classification of Qatar visas includes doctors, engineers, technicians, and many more. A family visit visa is an individual sponsor visa. Professions belonging to the labor category are not eligible to apply. This category includes driver, plumber, carrier, painter, technician, etc.

However, the Approved Qatar Visa Profession List:

  1. Medical analysis specialist.
  2. Medical x-ray specialist.
  3. Aquatic specialist.
  4. Agricultural specialist ( general).
  5. Speech specialist.
  6. Gardening specialist.
  7. Statistics specialist.
  8. Zoology specialist.
  9. Breeding specialists ( bees, animals, birds).
  10. Nutrition specialist.
  11. Sociologist.
  12. Psychiatrist.
  13. Media specialist.
  14. Lab specialist.
  15. Sports medicine specialist.
  16. Customs specialist.
  17. Literator.
  18. University professor.
  19. Medical therapy specialist.
  20. X-ray specialist.
  21. Archaeological researcher.
  22. Media person.
  23. Professor.
  24. Manager or secretary of the library.
  25. Geologist ( general).
  26. Employees at the GCC country‚Äôs embassies ( excluding support servicers)
  27. Quality enumerator.
  28. Administrative researcher.
  29. Trader.
  30. Legal researcher.
  31. The executive director or chairman.
  32. Information system expert.
  33. Economics or finance expert.
  34. Sports referee.
  35. Legal expert.
  36. Head of prosecutions.
  37. Weather expert.
  38. Director or president of a club.
  39. Members of diplomatic corps ( diplomat).
  40. Chief justice.
  41. Director or president of a university.
  42. Business men.
  43. Business lady.
  44. Religious person.
  45. Earthquake experts.
  46. Captain of ship or steamship, cruise, carrier.
  47. Journalist.
  48. Pharmacist.

Supervisor Can Apply For Family Visa In Qatar

A company supervisor can apply for a family visa in Qatar. The process is a bit more complicated for the supervisor than it is for other types of visa, but it’s not impossible.

First, you must have an employment contract with your company. You must also be able to provide proof that you are the head of the household, such as having been married to your wife for at least three years and that she has been living with you during that time.

To apply for a family visa, you need to submit a copy of your marriage certificate, proof that your wife has been living with you during the past three years (such as an apartment lease), and proof that you have enough financial resources to support her and any children who will accompany her on the trip (such as tax returns). You also need to provide proof that she has been working legally in Qatar for at least one year prior to applying for this type of visa; if she hasn’t been working legally, then she will be ineligible for this type of visa even though she may be eligible for other types of visas under different circumstances.

If you are an expat working in Qatar, you will most likely be able to apply for a family visa.

To apply for the family visa, you need your sponsor’s (your employer’s) approval. Once they approve it, you can begin the process of applying for your visa. This process can take anywhere from a few days to several months.

Once your application is approved by the government, you will receive an invitation letter from the Ministry of Interior that allows you to enter Qatar with your family members. Once in Qatar, there are several documents that must be submitted before receiving your permanent residency card. These include:

-Application form

-Passport copy

-Medical certificate of health

-Police clearance report

List Of Profession Eligible For Driving Licence In Qatar

  1. Accountant
  2. Actuary
  3. Architect
  4. Biologist
  5. Chemist
  6. Civil engineer/Architect/Surveyor
  7. Computer systems analyst (SSA)
  8. Economist/Statistician
  9. Electrical engineer (ESE)
  10. Electronics engineer (EEE)
  11. Electronics and communication engineer (ECE)

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