Mauritius Visit Visa For Uae Residents

The past decade has seen a huge rise in the number of expats from the UAE who are looking for better career opportunities and want to live temporarily with their families. As the migrant worker population rose and more and more professionals arrived, so did the demand for international travel. The UAE, as a tourist destination itself, drew several tourists from across the globe and this was accompanied by demand for travel agencies that could cater to their needs.

If you’re a UAE resident and planning to travel to Mauritius, you have to apply for Mauritius visit visa. The procedure is simple, but there are some important documents you’ll need to ensure your application is successful. I did my research on the internet and I came across a few websites which were helpful for me. We will base our discussion today on – Mauritius Visit Visa For Uae Residents. But, other resources which you can find on our website include some frequently asked questions such as: mauritius visa on arrival for uae residents and mauritius tourist visa

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Knowing of the demand to live in Mauritius, the Mauritius Government has announced its new visa policy. The island nation has offered tourist visa on arrival to all UAE residents since 2002. The Mauritius visa deals are designed in order to promote tourism within the island and boost its economy. In this article, we will discuss how you can easily grab a Mauritius tourist visa without any hassle while planning a vacation trip.

Mauritius Visit Visa For Uae Residents

In Mauritius, you can freely roam around and explore the tropical paradise. This is truly one of the best countries in the world to enjoy a holiday and travel. Over hundreds of years, Mauritius has a maintained an iconic display of nature’s beauty. It has attracted a number of tourists each year as it has continued to offer its exotic environment among tourists. If you are planning to land in Mauritius, there are a number of things that you need to consider while planning your visit. This is because Mauritius Visa Information will differ accordingly based upon your vacation plans in Mauritius.

Visa Requirements

A visa is an official acknowledgement issued by the Immigration Office/Embassy/Consular of Mauritius, indicating that your application to enter Mauritius has been reviewed by an Immigration Officer and that the officer has determined you are eligible to enter or transit in Mauritius for a specific purpose.

A visa, therefore, simply allows the bearer to travel to Mauritius up a port of entry and does not implicitly guarantee right of admission into Mauritius. The final decision to admit a non-citizen rests with the Immigration Officer after examination at the point of entry in Mauritius. He/she decides how long the person can stay for any particular visit.

Persons not requiring a Visa to enter Mauritius

The following are exempted from Visa Regulations:-

  1. Citizens of Mauritius;
  2. Persons who are residents of Mauritius under the Immigration Act;
  3. The Spouse of a citizen of Mauritius;
  4. The child or step child or lawfully adopted child of persons referred to at (1) and (2) above;
  5. Holders of Diplomatic Passports other than those issued by the Government of Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, Libya, Palestine State, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria and Yemen;
  6. Crew of a vessel travelling on duty or in transit to join another vessel;
  7. Holders of Laissez-passer issued by the United Nations, COMESA, SADC or other internationally recognized organizations;
  8. Holders of passport issued by the INTERPOL who come to Mauritius on official mission;
  9. Holders of Laissez-passer issued by the African Reinsurance Corporation and the African Development Bank Group in Respect of their directors, officers or employees travelling to Mauritius on official mission;
  10. Holders of passport issued by Governments of countries belonging to the European Union; and
  11. Persons who intend to remain in Mauritius only during the stay of a vessel by which they arrive and depart.

Types of Visas

Visa Requirement Country-Wise

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  • Nationals of Guyana intended to travel to Mauritius should apply and obtain a visa prior to their travel.

Additional Information

  • Non-citizens travelling to Mauritius without a visa (if required) may be repatriated to their country of origin or residence at the transporting carrier’s cost.
  • Any person who stays in Mauritius after the expiry of the period for which he obtained a visa or entry permit as the case may be, shall commit an offence and shall be liable for prosecution by a Court of Law.
  • Prospective students are advised to travel to Mauritius only after their application for study/training in Mauritius has been approved.
  • Non-Citizens coming to celebrate their marriage in Mauritius should comply with the requirements of the Section 24A of the Civil Status Act.
  • A non-citizen coming to get married to a Mauritian should fulfill the requirements under the Section 19A of the Civil Status Act.
  • Non-citizens coming to Mauritius for business may apply for an Occupation Permit to Passport and Immigration Officer through Economic Development Board as Investor, Self-Employed and Professional.

Application For Visa


Applicant should apply for a visa through our Diplomatic / Consulate Representatives – Click Here

Where there is no Diplomatic / Consulate Representatives, application to be submitted at Air Mauritius office.

In the absence of the above offices, application to be submitted through mail on 

Documents to be Submitted for Visa application

  • Visa Application Form duly filled in and signed by applicant.
  • Two recent passport-size photos of the applicant.
  • Photocopy of the data pages of applicant’s passport.
  • A copy of the Residence Permit. (Applicable for applicants not residing in their country of origin). Same to be valid for at least three months after proposed date of departure from Mauritius.
  • Copy of passage ticket to country of origin or residence.
  • Copy of bank statement for the last three months.
  • Hotel Booking for accommodation (if sponsored by a Citizen of Mauritius, to produce evidence of sponsorship, Copy of ID and proof of address)
  • In case of business visa, applicant should also submit a letter from local sponsor/company.
  • In case of Minor:- Consent letter from parents, copy of birth certificate of applicant and copy of parents’ passports.
  • Any other documents as may be required by this office.


Visa will be issued as far as practicable after five (5) working days subject to submission of complete application requirements.

Applicant is requested to apply at least one month prior travel.

A visa does not guarantee admission into Mauritius. The final decision to admit a passenger rests with the Immigration Officer after examination at the point of entry in Mauritius.

Applicants should wait for the outcome of their application before undertaking any travel to Mauritius.

Visa Is Free Of Cost

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