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A valid medical certificate is a prerequisite for applying for a visa to most western countries. Therefore, it is highly recommended that the applicant submits a medical report confirming his/her healthy condition. The medical report must be issued by the foreign registered hospital or by the certified foreign doctor in India.

You’ve been invited to speak at a conference in India and you’ll be there for at least a month. However, the Visa Officer asks for a medical certificate to confirm your health during your stay and you realize that your doctor doesn’t know the difference between H1N1 and H5N1. So what do you do?

While applying for a visa, you might need a medical report attested from a medical board or hospital in India. You can have that report attested at our office, allowing you to submit it directly to the consulate without any delay. We provide certified medical results through diplomatic channels, along with the visa application verification process…..

All passengers (excluding children under the age of 12 years old) arriving in Spain who have travelled in the previous 14 days should be prepared to show evidence of one of the following on entry:

  • A certificate or document certifying you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or 
  • A medical certificate certifying that you have recovered from COVID-19 in the last 6 months prior to travel.

What is the process to get a medical certificate with an approved doctor’s signature?

 The process requires:

  1. FCDO contacting the doctor
  2. Setting out what the FCDO needs from the doctor
  3. Submitting the document for legalisation.

What is an EU Digital COVID Certificate?

The EU Digital COVID Certificate is a digital proof that a person:

  • has been vaccinated against COVID-19, or
  • a SARSCoV2 diagnostic test has been performed with a negative result, or
  • has recovered from COVID-19

If I don’t have an EU Digital COVID Certificate, can I still travel to Spain?

Yes, you may travel if you present a document/certificate certifying vaccination against COVID-19, a negative diagnostic test or recovery against COVID-19.

Update from the Spanish Embassy:
21 October 2021

Woodcock Notary Public has been supplied with the following form and guidance from the Spanish Embassy in Manchester. 

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A doctor (MD) can determine if you are in good health according to the International Health Regulation (2005). You can send them this template to be printed on the medical centre’s headed paper, alternatively, they can write their own certificate but it must specifically mention the International Health Regulations (2005). The doctor should then print out, sign, date and stamp the medical certificate.

The certificate must be filled out by a doctor with their stamp. Without a stamp, the certificate is invalid unless it is on headed paper.

Bring the original Medical Certificate and a photocopy to your visa application appointment.

You must get the medical certificate translated by a sworn translator and legalised by means of a Hague Apostille so it is recognised as a valid document by Spanish authorities.

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What documentary proof is required to enter Spain?

The EU Digital COVID Certificate in a digital format, issued by a member state of the European Union. It may contain one or more of the following documents proving that a person:

  • Has been vaccinated against COVID-19
  • Has undergone a diagnostic test and the result was negative
  • Has recovered from COVID-19, after having had the disease

NON-EU CERTIFICATE, THIRD COUNTRIES: this is any of the supporting documents listed above, but issued by non-EU countries, in a format readable by airport health control staff.

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