Medical Test For Canada Student Visa In Ludhiana

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Canadian embassy is the primary source to get all information with respect to Canada student visa. Medical examination is a mandatory and important part of Student Visa application. Now we will discuss some details of this visa regarding Medical Test. We will base our discussion today on – Medical Test For Canada Student Visa In Ludhiana. But, other resources which you can find on our website include some frequently asked questions such as: medical test for canada student visa in punjab and canada visa medical test fee

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The student visa for Canada is a popular option for millions of international students looking to study abroad. The Canadian government has strict policies in place pertaining to the eligibility of the candidate and the requirements of admission, which vary from program to program. The student immigration medical examination is one of the several exams that must be passed by all prospective candidates for a student visa for Canada, as it evaluates their health-related fitness and ability to engage in studies without posing a risk to them or other people.

Medical Test For Canada Student Visa In Ludhiana

Canada not only attracts foreign students with its educational system and quality standards but also through its immigration policies which allow international students to live, work and travel in Canada after finishing their education. But as every rule has its exceptions, prior to completing your education in Canada you must undergo some medical tests. Although this sounds a little difficult, the testing is simple and won’t take more than a couple of hours.

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Medical Test Requirements for Canada Permanent Resident Immigration Status

Canada allows young and fit skilled professionals who can positively contribute to the economic growth of the country to apply for a PR visa. Be it an international student opting for higher studies or a foreign skilled worker, every immigrant has to undergo medical tests. 

Your immigration to Canada relies on your good medical conditions as per the common law. To help you answer all your queries regarding health examinations of Canada, here is a quick glance that every prospective permanent resident applicant must know. Read along.

Medical Test Requirements for Canada Permanent Resident Immigration Status

All permanent resident applicants are required to undergo a medical exam, including accompanying spouses, partners, and dependent children. 

Even if you are going to be a temporary resident as a live-in caregiver or a visitor, a medical exam is mandatory for all visa applicants. 

Where and whom to get a medical exam done from?


You can get your immigration medical examination in your home country, or any country of your choice. The most important condition for the exam would be that the doctor conducting your physical examination must be a panel physician.

  • The doctor included in the list as a designated panel physician approved by IRCC can only conduct the immigration medical examination. 
  • Only these doctors are authorized to conduct your examination and issue a Health Certificate.

What medical tests are required for Canadian immigration?

General physical checks for eyes, nose, heart, lungs, and others, chest X-rays, blood tests for HIV and Syphilis and urine tests are common tests that immigrants must undergo when applying for a Canadian PR.

A Temporary resident visa applicant must take the medical exam if:

  • You’ve lived in or visited one of these countries for at least six months within the previous year.
  • You are planning to work in a job where public health must be protected. 
  • You are applying for a parent or grandparent super visa.

Applicants for Canada Permanent Residence must take a medical exam. Accompanying spouses, common law partners, and dependent children must also undergo these tests.

Confused about the medical requirements for Canada PR?


List of Medical Exams Required to Immigrate to Canada


Even if you are going to be a temporary resident as a live-in caregiver or a visitor, a medical exam is mandatory for all the visa applicants. The following important medical tests are carried out for your Canada immigration:

Thorough Physical Examination

  • This medical exam includes the check-up for your eyes, nose, heart, lungs and other important functional organs. You should discuss any major health issue in the past with the doctor at this point.
  • If it doesn’t bear any adverse impact currently, the doctors would consider it positive.

Chest X-Rays

  • This is an important medical examination to determine any persisting issues with crucial systems.
  • If a female applicant is pregnant, the X-Ray test is avoided for better health of the fetus.
  • However, after the birth of the child, the mother and the newborn need to take a few tests.

Blood Tests

  • To get the permanent resident card in Canada, the applicant needs to be free from major diseases and disorders such as active TB, HIV and Syphilis. 
  • The blood test is an important diagnostic test for various other disorders that affect your overall health as well.

Urine Tests

  • An in detail examination of your urine sample in the state of the art laboratory is also carried out to determine subsequent medical issues. From issues such as diabetes to various major problems can be diagnosed through this test.

Note: It is important to note that the civil surgeon listed on the panel can only conduct your medical exam and issue a Health Certificate. The decision regarding issuing the visa solely relies on the Department of Citizenship & Immigration Canada.

What are the requirements for a Medical Health Examination to apply for a Canada PR?

  • You and your family members need to be healthy as per the regulations of Canada immigration. 
  • They conduct your exam along with the family members to ensure that your current or expected medical conditions don’t create trouble for the Canadian Health or Social Services.

Note: People suffering from diseases, medical conditions or psychiatric conditions that require hospitalization and continual medical care are usually considered inadmissible to Canada after the medical examination.

Instructions For Visa Medical

Check Your Appointment

1. The Candidate will be entertained as per his/her appointed Slot only.
2. For UK Visa Medical Original Passport, Photocopy Of Passport and Three Passport Size Photographs are required.
3. For Australia Visa medical female candidates should not come in their menstrual period.
4. If any candidate is coming for repeat medical then he or she should carry original passport,letter from embassy and two passport photographs.
5. Candidate needs to bring his/her previous medical history along with.
6. Please note that medical for infant is compulsory.
7. Original Passport is must for all the candidates and If the passport is submitted with the embassy only in that case photocopy of the passport along with original Aadhar Card, Voter Card or PAN mandatory.
8. Registration Fee that is Rs. 150/- is Non Refundable.
9. Candidate can eat any thing before his or her medical.
10. To bring your transaction Id is mandatory.
11. All the candidates should bring original passport along with the photocopy of passport.
12. For any Assistance Contact : 0161-5037777 , 0161-6617111 , 0161-6617222 , 0161-6617333 Email:
13. Kindly be informed that no attendant is allowed along with candidate and Kindly wear a mask during your hospital visit for medical.Additional charges for additional investigation may apply.
14. Hospital is not responsible for your Valuable Belongings.
15. Vaccinated candidates are requested to bring their final certificates on the date of appointment.
16. Additional Charges may apply under the following categories in case of Australia Medical:- As per the requirement of Embassy Nursing/Medical Permanent Residency Pregnancy
17. In case of Tattoo, additional charges will be applied for HBSAG and HCV tests.
18. For refund request kindly email us on
19. There shall be no refund against payment done on or before 31.03.2021, for slot booking but not utilised, due to closure of the financial year.

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