Medical Test Result For Visa In Dubai

Raising an immigration application is a complicated process, you should ensure your illness has been diagnosed by a London-based doctor and verified by our specialists. The doctor visits Dubai every month and treats patients who have been referred through us.

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Medical Test Result For Visa In Dubai

We are pleased to inform you that your application for a visa has been approved.

Please be advised that your visa will be issued at the Dubai Consulate in two business days’ time.

In order to ensure that your visa is issued on time, please ensure that all required documents are submitted before 5pm on Wednesday, December 4th.

Although this may seem like a short amount of time, we advise you to review the list of required documents and make sure you have everything ready before submitting your application.

Medical Test Result For Visa In Dubai

Thank you for your interest in taking a medical test with [company name]. We are happy to inform you that we will be able to provide you with the required medical test results before your visa application is submitted. Please note that it may take up to two weeks for us to complete our analysis of your medical tests and submit them to the embassy. Please make sure that you have given us all of the information we need from you before submitting this form.

Please provide a copy of your passport (front page) and your Emirates ID card. You may also include any supporting documents related to your visa application or other information that you think might be helpful for us to process this request.

Residence Visa Medical Check Up Result Dubai

Residence Visa Medical Check Up Result Dubai

The Residence Visa Medical Check Up Result is a document that you need to get from the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) after your medical check up. It is a certificate that confirms that you are healthy enough to live in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Residence Visa Medical Check Up Result is issued by a licensed doctor who has examined you, and it shows that you meet the minimum health requirements for living in the UAE.

Uae Medical Test For Visa 2022

The UAE Medical Examination

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has implemented a medical examination requirement when applying for a visa. The medical examination is only required if you are applying for a first entry tourist visa. If you are applying for a new multiple-entry visa or a renewal of your current visa, the medical examination is not required.

The medical examination must be performed by an approved medical facility in the country where you live. If you live outside of the UAE, then you will have to travel to a country that has an approved facility and perform the medical test there. If you reside in the UAE, you can choose to have your test done within the country or outside of it.

Not everyone needs to undergo this test; however, certain individuals are required to take part in this process before being granted entry into the country. These people include: pregnant women; children under 15 years old; people with certain diseases such as HIV/AIDS or tuberculosis; those who have had surgery within one year prior to their application date; those who have traveled from countries considered high-risk areas (Afghanistan and Iraq); those who have recently traveled from any countries considered high-risk areas (West Africa); and those who plan on staying longer than three months

The UAE medical test for visa 2022 is an important step in obtaining your visa to the United Arab Emirates. The medical test is a requirement for all expats who wish to live and work in the UAE. It helps ensure that you will be able to meet the requirements of living and working in the UAE. If you have any health issues that may affect your ability to do so, you must report them during your medical exam. Failure to do so can result in serious consequences, including deportation or fines.

The UAE medical test consists of three parts: physical exams, blood tests, and chest x-rays. These tests are performed by a licensed physician who has been approved by the UAE government. They will look at basic information like your height, weight, and age; they will also perform a complete physical examination to check for abnormalities and signs of illness or disease that may affect your ability to work abroad without becoming ill or disabled from doing so.

If there are any abnormalities found during this exam (they’re pretty rare though!), then blood tests will be taken before allowing you entry into any other part of the process such as getting an Emirates ID card or employment visa card if needed right away upon arrival here at home/work place (if applicable).


Woman using smartphone
Users can check the status of their DHA medical fitness report tracking report online via the DHA smart app

A new initiative by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), the DHA Smart App is a means for providing all of DHA’s services under one smart application. The app allows residents to access Smart Services delivered by the Dubai Health Authority. In addition to managing appointments, medications and lab results, the application also allows users to check their Medical Fitness Application Status. 


Supporting both the English and Arabic languages, the online tool is a great option for expats wondering how they can check their Dubai medical visa test status. Additionally, the smart app also features an intuitive map which enables users to locate nearby medical fitness centres in the city.

You need to download and register yourself as a user on the app first. Users can use their DHA Account, DHA Health Card or their Emirates ID to login along with Face ID and Touch ID. 

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The DHA Smart App service is relatively new, and there are plans to add more services to it in the coming months. However, it does offer respite for any immigrant wondering “how can I check my medical report in Dubai?” 

We hope this answers any queries on how to check medical fitness report online in Dubai. Haven’t applied for a health fitness certificate yet? Visit any visa medical centres in Dubai to apply for medical fitness reports. Do you wish to work and live in Abu Dhabi instead? Our list of visa medical test centres in Abu Dhabi will help apply for a health fitness certificate in the emirate.

In addition to a fitness certificate, make sure to have all documents up-to-date, including your residence visa. Here is how you can seek for UAE visa status enquiry.

For more information on immigration laws and requirements in the UAE in addition to how to check medical fitness result online in Dubai, 

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