Oman Tourist Visa For Pakistani

Oman is a country of Sultanates in the Middle east and it is part of the continent of Asia. It is a sovereign state composed of various regions as Musandam, Dhofar, Mahrah, Buraimi, etc. The country comprises of a total area of around 21454 square kilometers which comprises 1% of total land of the world. The area of Oman is 44897 square kilometers and it is surrounded by Yemen and all neighbor countries except the USA, i.e., it has a coastline on Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman. The Balochi language is used in most parts of Oman while Arabic is also taught in schools .

Pakistanis are much in demand for employment and tourism sector in Oman. They have been flocking to this country in increasing numbers every year. Pakistanis prefer Oman because of the stable atmosphere as well as its closeness to Pakistan. Furthermore, the working and living environment is very pleasant here. The government is also very hospitable towards the foreign nationals who have moved to this country. We will base our discussion today on – Oman Tourist Visa For Pakistani. But, other resources which you can find on our website include some frequently asked questions such as: oman visit visa open for pakistani and oman azad visa

Contrary to popular belief, Pakistanis do not need a visa to travel to Oman – providing they have a passport valid for at least 6 months and a return flight ticket. However, despite this fact, there are several unscrupulous agencies taking advantage of the fact that many Pakistanis don’t know how to get Oman visa by misleading them into making applications for Oman visa.

Oman is one of the few countries that have no visa requirement for Pakistani passport holders. Oman Airlines has many flights from Karachi to their hub in Muscat, capital of Oman, from where travelers can reach other parts of Oman by land or ferry.

The Sultanate of Oman borders the Arabian Sea in the southeast corner of the Arabian Peninsula. With a territory spanning over 83,000 sq km; it is surrounded by the United Arab Emirates to its northwest, Saudi Arabia to its west, and Yemen to its southwest. Muscat is its capital and largest city, while Sohar is its largest port.

Oman Tourist Visa For Pakistani

Oman is a country in the Middle East, located on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. The country is bordered by Saudi Arabia to the north, Qatar to the northeast, and Yemen to the south. Oman has a coastline along the Arabian Sea and Persian Gulf.

Oman’s population is estimated at 4 million people, with an average life expectancy of 78 years. The official languages are Arabic and English; however, many Omanis also speak Urdu and Hindi. Islam is Oman’s official religion, but other religions are tolerated by law.

Oman has a relatively small economy compared to its neighbors; it relies heavily on oil production as well as tourism from neighboring countries such as India and Pakistan.

If you are a Pakistani citizen and want to visit the Sultanate of Oman, you need to apply for a tourist visa. The process is quite simple and can be completed online.

To apply for an Oman tourist visa, you will need:

  • passport valid for at least six months
  • Visa application form (click here)
  • Photographs (passport size)
  • Entry/Departure card (click here)
  • Copy of flight ticket (if applicable)
  • Letter from employer or educational institution with an official letterhead stating that they will pay all expenses incurred during your trip to Oman

Oman Tourist Visa For Pakistani

Pakistan is a country located in South Asia. Pakistan is a federal parliamentary republic, divided into four provinces and three territories. It has an area of 881,913 km2 (340,509 sq mi) and shares borders with Afghanistan, China, India, Iran, and the Arabian Sea. The population is estimated to be over 200 million as of 2018. Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan by population, while Lahore is its capital and largest metropolitan area.

Pakistan’s economy has grown rapidly since its inception as an independent state in 1947. At the time of partition there were neither jobs nor industries in what was then West Pakistan; today the country has a modernized economy that includes agriculture, textiles and heavy industries such as automobiles and steel mills. The port city of Karachi has become one of the main centers for banking and finance in the region.

In order to travel to Oman from Pakistan, passengers must first obtain an Oman visa for Pakistani citizens. Fortunately, it is possible for some to do so online, thanks to the new electronic Oman visit visa for Pakistanis.

Please note that before you can apply for the Oman eVisa, you must have a Residence Permit from a GCC Country. The GCC Countries are Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Do Pakistanis Need a Visa for Oman?

Yes, obtaining an Oman visa for Pakistani nationals is mandatory if you want to enter Oman with a passport issued by Pakistan.

Getting an Oman visa from Pakistan is a simple process thanks to the online electronic visa (eVisa) platform.

Oman visa types for Pakistanis

Pakistani citizens have access to a variety of Oman visas depending on their reason(s) for travel, their supporting documents, and the amount of time they wish to remain in the Sultanate.

The easiest and fastest way to get a visa to Oman from Pakistan is to obtain is the eVisa.

Travelers can request this electronic Oman visit visa for Pakistanis online in just a few minutes if they hold a valid GCC Residence Permit.

Other visas — like work visas — take longer to obtain and require additional supporting documents. If you are interested in a non-electronic visa, it is advisable that you get in touch with your nearest Omani embassy or consulate.

oman evisa requirements

Obtain the Electronic Visa for Oman

How to Apply for the Oman Visa from Pakistan

The easiest way to get a visa for Oman from Pakistan is to apply online. This can be done with any computer or device with an internet connection.

To apply for a eVisa, you must meet the basic document requirements:

  • Have at least 6 months of validity left in your Pakistan passport
  • Have supporting documentation (such as a copy of your passport, personal details, accommodations and travel itinerary)
  • Have a copy of your GCC Residence Permit

After collecting these documents, you may apply for your visa for Oman for Pakistani citizens by filling out the online application form.

Oman eVisa Application from Pakistan

The online visa application should take you only minutes to complete. It consists of the following steps

Filling out the form online with passport and personal information.Apply Now

Paying the application fee

Receive your eVisa via email

Oman eVisa Requirements from Pakistani Citizens

There are some Oman tourist eVisa requirements from Pakistani citizens, which are compiled into a list below:

  • Passport – it is mandatory for all Pakistani citizens to have a valid passport with at least 6 months validity from the time that they enter Oman.
  • Recent digital photo — It is necessary to have at least one digital photo of the traveler that was taken in the last 6 months. The file size must be no more than 512 KB.
  • Email address —  Have a valid email address so that you can receive your electronic visa
  • A form of payment — You will need a debit or credit card in order to pay for your Oman visa (the Oman visa price from Pakistan depends on the type of visa)

Please note that you may be requested to send additional paperwork, such as bank statements, travel and/or health insurance, proof of accommodation and/or airline tickets, reference letters, or other documents.

This is not mandatory and you can submit the documents at a later stage in the application.

Travel to Oman from Pakistan

Many travelers ask if there is a specific Muscat visa for Pakistanis. The Oman eVisa is valid to visit the entire Sultanate. Therefore, it can be used as a Muscat visa or as a tourist visa to explore the Omani beaches and mountains.

With the Oman eVisa for Pakistani citizens, visitors can travel from Islamabad or anywhere else in the world and see the entire country.

Please bring with you the same passport you have used during the eVisa application from Pakistan as you travel. You will be asked to show it together with your visa and other relevant documentation upon arrival.

oman visa from pakistan

Oman Entry Requirements for Pakistanis

Nationals of Pakistan must have the following documents to enter Oman:

  • Valid passport issued by Pakistan with at least 6 months’ validity
  • Approved visa registered to the passport

If traveling during the coronavirus pandemic, be sure to check the COVID-19 health requirements for Oman to find out if any additional items are needed, such as tests.

Oman Embassy in Pakistan

There is one Oman embassy in Pakistan. The official name is the Omani Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan, and is located at:

House No 10, Street 67
Sector F-7/3
O. Box 1194

The current ambassador is Mr. Al Sheikh Mohammed Omer Ahmed Al Marhoon. The embassy is open from Monday to Friday.

FAQ about Pakistan Citizens Traveling to Oman

Can Pakistani citizens go to Oman?

Yes, Pakistani citizens who hold a visa and valid passport are welcome to visit the Sultanate.

Make sure that you check the terms and conditions of your specific visa so that you know how long you can stay and what activities you can engage in while in Oman.


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