Afghanistan Visa For Pakistani

Pakistanis that wish to visit Afghanistan will need an Afghan visa stamped into their passport, whether it’s for religious, leisure, business or medical purposes. The Afghan visa stamp will be issued once you are granted approval for your visa type. If you are apprehensive about the Afghanistan visa application process and entry formalities, allow lomelono … Read more

Oman Visa For Cruise Ship Passengers

Cruise ship passengers can apply for a visa to Oman, so they can explore this Middle Eastern country while they are on shore leave. Applications are made online, and tourists will only need supporting documents to show that they have sufficient funds to make the trip. This is especially important because Oman is an Islamic … Read more

Renewal Of Maid Visa In Dubai

Immigration – a word that reverberates in the ears of every expatriate, or person living outside their country of nationality. The laws are stringent and the requirements are strict-there is no room for leniency. It’s important for every expatriate to keep abreast with the latest updates in visa renewals and follow the current guidelines to … Read more

How Much Is 90 Days Visa In Dubai

Dubai is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Asia. It attracts numerous expatriates from all over the world especially from the Asian region. Having worked, studied and even lived in Dubai is a dream for many expats. One should, however, realize that to be granted a residency permit you would have to come … Read more

Birthday party places in Tbilisi

Do you need a large number of children’s entertainers for an upcoming party? Perhaps you are planning a child’s birthday party and need some help making sure it is great. Here we offer birthday party places in Tbilisi, many types of birthdays, good selection, choose the right niche, find out what you’re interested in. Check … Read more

Qatar Freelance Visa For Pakistani

The Qatar freelance visa for Pakistani is a great opportunity for Pakistani citizens who wish to work in Qatar. This visa allows Pakistani citizens to live and work in Qatar on a freelance basis. The visa is valid for a period of one year and can be renewed annually. To apply for the Qatar freelance … Read more

Supervisor Can Get Family Visa In Qatar

Every year many people from around the world make their way to Qatar to take a job. To find out more about what it’s like to live in this exciting country, we interviewed one of our staff members who moved here and has been working as a supervisor for us since January. Every year many … Read more

Medical Test For Bahrain Visa In Dubai

The most important thing is to get a list of your medical documents that you want to present with at some good hospitals in Bahrain. The health certificate that is given by the embassy may be rejected or invalid due to the difference between the standard of health in Europe and Bahrain. A small mistake … Read more

Birthday Party Places In Mauritius

If you are looking to organize a birthday party, then look no further. We have an extensive list of the best places in Mauritius where you can celebrate your birthday with family, friends, and colleagues. All it takes is a simple click of your mouse for you to discover places where you can find birthday … Read more

Dubai Visit Visa For Job Seekers

Dubai is the perfect place for visitors seeking a world-class vacation. The city has a year-round moderate climate so spending some time in Dubai won’t be bad for your health at all. On the contrary, it will serve as a nature’s gift for those who want to spend some time away from the hustle and … Read more