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Privacy policy

Our Privacy Statement describes how Lomelono Travel Solutions agency handles personal data related to individuals, employees, owners, or representatives acting on behalf of our Business Partners (current, former, or potential). In this document, we may refer to ourselves as 'we', 'us', 'our', or 'Lomelono.com', and individuals, employees, owners, or representatives acting on behalf of our Business Partners may be referred to as 'you', 'your', or 'Business Partners'.


The term 'Business Partners' in this Privacy Statement includes Trip Providers, Travel agencies, Third-party vendors, Ground transportation companies, Payment service providers, Other business partners enabling Trip reservations through their websites and/or apps, and natural or legal persons maintaining a business relationship with Lomelono.com.


This Privacy Statement applies to Lomelono Travel Solutions agency responsible for processing personal data concerning any Business Partner. Different Lomelono.com agents may be responsible for processing personal data depending on the nature of the business relationship.


Definitions used in this Privacy Statement:

- 'Trip': Refers to various travel products and services that end-users can order, acquire, purchase, rent, or consume from Trip Providers.

- 'Trip Provider': Refers to providers of accommodations, attractions, transportation services, tour operators, travel insurances, and other travel-related products or services available for Trip Reservation on our platforms.

- 'Trip Service': Refers to the online purchase, order, payment, or reservation service offered or enabled by Lomelono.com for various products and services provided by Trip Providers.


Data Collection:

We collect personal data from Business Partners based on the business relationship, their interaction with Lomelono.com, and the products, services, and features they use. Personal data includes contact details, financial data, verification details, and other information communicated to Lomelono.com during support calls or interactions. Some data may also be collected automatically, such as language settings, IP addresses, location, and browsing history when using our online services.


Personal Data About Others:

If Business Partners share personal data of individuals (e.g., staff members) for business purposes, they confirm that they have informed these individuals about the use of their data by Lomelono.com and obtained necessary consent as required by applicable laws.


Data Sharing:

We may share Business Partners' information, including personal data, with our corporate affiliates, selected third-party service providers, payment providers, and other entities as permitted by law or necessary to provide our services, prevent fraud, or comply with legal obligations.


Security and Data Retention:

We implement security measures to protect personal data and retain it for as long as necessary to manage the business relationship, provide services, comply with laws, and resolve disputes.


Your Choices and Rights:

Depending on your location and Lomelono.com entity, you may have rights to access, correct, erase, restrict, or object to the processing of your personal data. You can also withdraw consent and request data portability. Please keep your personal data accurate and promptly inform us of any changes.


Contact Us:

If you have any questions, requests, or concerns regarding your personal data, or to exercise your rights, please contact our data protection officer at dataprotectionoffice@lomelono.com or your local data protection authority.


Changes to this Privacy Statement:

This Privacy Statement may change over time. If significant changes impact you, we will notify you in advance.


21 July 2023