Pakistan Tourist Visa For Uk Citizens

Pakistan is a country of diverse natural beauty and many historical sites. Pakistan being an Islamic republic is a bit riskier for Western travelers compared to countries in the Muslim world, for example Turkey, Egypt, and Tajikistan. But Pakistan does have its share of tourist destinations where visitors from the West are quite welcome. Pakistan Tourist Visa For Uk Citizens

Tourist visa refers to non-immigrant visa that allows you to visit a country for a short period. The Pakistan embassy offers two types of tourist visas for the foreigners which are:

Before you visit Pakistan, please check if you require a UK visa. This article provides info on how to get a tourist visa for Pakistan. You may also be required to obtain a UK visa if you are entering the country via an airport in the UK.

Pakistan is one of the cheapest tourist destinations in the world. Tourists from all over the world show their interest in Pakistan. Despite of an unsecured image, cheap tickets and holiday packages draw them towards the country. The fact that Pakistan lies in the proximity to some other Asian countries and Europe helps in boosting tourism.

Pakistan Tourist Visa For Uk Citizens

British citizens traveling to Pakistan are required to have a visa to gain permission to enter the country.

Now, thanks to an electronic visa system implemented by the Pakistani government, travelers from several countries including the UK are able to apply online for a Pakistani tourist visa.

British passport holders are able to apply for a Pakistan eVisa by filling out an application form online. To successfully obtain entry to Pakistan, you are required to follow the Pakistan eVisa requirements for British citizens.

What Is a Pakistan eVisa for Citizens of the United Kingdom

The Pakistan tourist eVisa is an electronic travel document that authorizes the holder a single-entry stay of up to 3 months in the country for reasons of tourism only.

This permit can be extended up to a total of 6 months by extending the eVisa online when you are in the country.

In addition to this, British travelers have the chance to apply for a double-entry Pakistani visa.

The visa policy for Pakistan outlines the rules and regulations regarding the different types of visas available for foreign nationals visiting Pakistan in more detail.

UK travelers visiting Pakistan for reasons of business, work, or study can also apply for different types of eVisas which allow different lengths of stays in the country.

Application Steps for a Pakistan eVisa as a British Citizen

Filling in the application form for a Pakistan eVisa from the UK is straightforward and takes just minutes to complete. It is located online, which means applicants avoid time-consuming queues at an embassy or consulate.

As a British national, you are required to submit the application form for a Pakistan eVisa by providing the following information:

  • Basic personal details such as full name, date, and place of birth, and nationality
  • Contact data such as phone number, email address, and home address
  • Passport information such as number, expiry date, and issuance date

Certain health and security-related questions are also included in the Pakistani application form. British visitors must complete them as well.

The last step consists of paying the processing fee linked to the Pakistan eVisa. Applicants from the United Kingdom can do so by using any major debit or credit card authorized for online, international transactions.

The eVisa form cannot be edited once it is submitted, so it is recommended that UK visitors double-check the form carefully to avoid inputting mistakes that could potentially result in delays to processing, or even rejection of their application.

If you are a British citizen planning to visit Pakistan for reasons other than tourism, for example, business, work, or study, you should check the relevant Pakistan visa policy or contact the Pakistani embassy located in London.

Pakistan Tourist eVisa for the UK: processing time

Following submission of your application, your Pakistan eVisa is usually processed within 10 business days. This can take longer during busy travel periods.

The approved Pakistan tourist eVisa for British applicants will be linked electronically to the applicant’s UK passport. A copy will also be emailed to the address registered on the application.

Pakistan eVisa Requirements for British Nationals

Travelers from the United Kingdom visiting Pakistan should familiarize themselves with the general visa conditions for British citizens before filling in the Pakistan eVisa application form and submitting it.

United Kingdom passport holders applying for a Pakistan eVisa require the following documents and information when filling in their application form:

  • An up-to-date and valid British passport
  • A passport-style photograph of the British citizen
  • Proof of accommodation (such as hotel booking details) in Pakistan
  • A valid form of payment, such as a credit or debit card, to pay the eVisa processing fee
  • An accessible email address. This is where the approved Pakistan eVisa will be sent as an attachment, as well as linking electronically to your passport.

On arrival in Pakistan, you will be asked to present the passport you used to apply for the eVisa. UK travelers with dual nationality should ensure they carry the correct passport.

Travel to Pakistan from the United Kingdom

The Pakistan eVisa allows expedited entry to the country via all major international air, sea, and road ports and border crossings.

It is advised that travelers from the United Kingdom print a copy of the approved eVisa to carry with them while traveling to, and within, Pakistan in case border officials require it for inspection.

If you lose your UK passport or it is damaged or stolen prior to traveling to Pakistan, you must reapply for a new eVisa using your new passport details. This is because the Pakistan eVisa is linked electronically to your passport.

On the rare occasions that an eVisa application is rejected due to small errors or inconsistencies, you are able to submit a new application.

Application Steps


Complete online application


Confirm Payment


Receive approved VisaApply Online

Covid Update for Pakistan

Last update: 10/01/2022

Travelers may enter Pakistan if they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and have a certificate to prove it (children under 18 are exempt). Individuals who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons may bring a medical certificate explaining their situation instead. All travelers aged 12 and over must install the Pass Track App on their mobile device and submit their details prior to making the journey to Pakistan and obtain a printed confirmation (passengers with disabilities are exempt from this). All passengers over the age of 6 years old must also have a negative coronavirus PCR test result in either English or Arabic, taken within 48 hours before traveling. Travelers could be subject to a rapid antigen test when they arrive in Pakistan. Children under the age of 6 are exempt from all test requirements. Passengers may be subject to quarantine. Individuals arriving from the following countries cannot enter Pakistan: Botswana, Croatia, Eswatini, Hungary, Ireland, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, South Africa, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe. Flights to Gwadar (GWD) and Turbat (TUK) are suspended.

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