Pakistan Visa For Nepalese

Pakistan is the sixth largest country in the world and therefore the country offers a wide variety of activities to visitors. If you are willing to visit Pakistana as a Tourist then they can enjoy their tourism visit with ease. They will not even have to face trouble regarding Visa problem during Pakistan Visa For Nepalese.

Pakistan Visa for Nepalese, process requires you to be physically present at the Embassy along with few documents.

In Pakistan, a lot of Nepalese desire to visit and see the lights of their neighboring country. Nepal shares an open border with India; so it’s not surprising that many Nepalese want to make the trek to Pakistan. But before these people can step foot into Pakistan, they must get a visa to do so. Getting Pakistani visa for Nepalese is mandatory for all non-Pakistanis except those who qualify for visa on arrival.

Pakistan Visa For Nepalese

Did you know that if you are a national of many countries, you can get a free visa to Pakistan? Find out what qualifications and prerequisites apply now.

Visa Policy for Pakistan

The Pakistan visa policy outlines the rules and regulations that determine the entry requirements for foreign nationals coming into the country.

All foregin citizens planning to travel to Pakistan are required to have a passport which is valid for at least 6 months from the intended date of arrival in Pakistan.

Depending on the traveler’s nationality , the length of the planned stay in the country and the purpose of the visit, the type of visa, application procedures and visa requirements for Pakistan will vary.

At the moment, there are under 5 countries whose citizens can travel to Pakistan visa-free for short stays: all other foregin visitors must either obtain a online visa for Pakistan through an electronic application, a visa on arrival, or a visa from a Pakistani embassy, depending on their nationality.

In most cases, applicants must apply for a Pakistani visa in their country of origin, but can apply from a third country if they are legal permanent residents of that country.

The majority of foreign citizens are able to apply for an eVisa for Pakistan through an electronic application, with the exception of a select few nationalities.

This is by far the most convenient and easy way to obtain a Pakistani visa, as it eliminates the need to wait for long border queues on arrival or submit an embassy or consulate application in person.

Find below a complete list of visa requirements for traveling to Pakistan from your country of nationality.

Tourist Visa Policy for Pakistan

While there are a few nationalities who can travel to Pakistan visa-free for purposes of tourism, the majority of foreign citizens are required to obtain a Pakistani tourist visa to visit the country for a holiday.

Depending on the traveler’s nationality, this will be either an electronic tourist visa, a tourist visa on arrival, or a Pakistani embassy visa for tourism.

Visitors from around 125 countries are eligible to apply for a Pakistani tourist eVisa online through a simple application process, removing the need to wait in immigration queues to submit a visa on arrival at the border or visit a Pakistani diplomatic mission abroad.

tourist visa on arrival for Pakistan, which permits a stay of up to 30 days for tourism, is also available to travelers from a number of countries. However, the application process involves first registering an online form and supplying a range of supporting documentation, and then waiting in border lines to receive their approved authorization from an immigration officer.

Finally, citizens of 70 countries must apply for a tourist visa at an overseas diplomatic mission, such as an embassy or consulate, to enter Pakistan.An embassy application process must be initiated well in advance of the expected travel dates to allow for sufficient processing time.

Find further information about tourist visa requirements for your nationality to travel to Pakistan below.

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